Of Race and Grace

I just listened to Barak Obama's speech concerning his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I thought the speech was awesome. Finally someone acknowledged the elephant in the living room of American life.

Racial prejudice is still alive, hiding between the lines of all the politically correct language and niceties demanded by it. Evil lurks in the shadows, but once truth is shined on it, it must flee. I hope Barak's light helps to send the evil away.

But the Light that is required is the Love of God. Jesus alive in the hearts of His people who know that Grace has set them free. And only by seeing others through His Grace can we rise above the evil of prejudice.

God Bless America and help remind us that our greatness is because His Grace shines on us.

By the way -- I believe the Lord told me that Barak Obama is the man - the next President.
Not exactly what my Republican ears wanted to hear. But it is what I believe.

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Craig Harms said...

Wow Patricia...a Texas republican for Senator Obama!! Hopefully he is the one to bridge the widening abyss that the blues and reds have found themselves in ...and all the animosity, mudslinging, smearing, and lies (on both sides) can finally end.

Btw, my wife and I met him when he was running for US senate a few years ago. He was at a very small town along the Mississippi River and there were maybe 50 people there. Barack and his wife Michelle chatted, signed autographs, and got personal with everyone there. Imagine that now!
Anyway my point is that he was so inspiring, intelligent, and eloquent that he just made us feel like we-as a country, together, despite our differences--can get back on track. Very, very impressive and at the right time when we need someone to pull it back together.

Wisihing everything good for the USA and for the world!