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You Gotta Have Heart


The USA has been hard hit this year with hurricanes and devastating fires in the west. People are hurting from Houston to Florida to 
Puerto Rico to California. 

But how is the best way to help others when you don't live near the area?


After Harvey attacked Houston, the city was inundated with 'stuff', and many things they couldn't use. Although people gave out of their hearts, what they sent did not always match the need.

The easiest way to give is online to any number of charities. Be careful though because some only give a small portion of your $ to the need while using the bulk to pay their costs.

I give through the Salvation Army and Samaritan's Purse.

Follow your heart and give to help others. 
It's the way of the heart.


Friday Night at the Bookshelf!

Introducing Friday Night at the Bookshelf

You've worked hard all week. Maybe you're single, or maybe hubs is worn out and snoring, but you're not tired. And of course there is nothing on the hundreds of channels you've surfed. But you're hungry for a good story. Characters you can get to know and root for.

So, microwave your popcorn, open the coke can, and fluff up the pillows.  Each Friday night
I'll showcase 2 different books. One of mine and one from another author. 

It's going to be a grab bag. Some new features, and some dollar shows er, books.

So let's get this show on the way. It's a Double Feature
All the books are clean and wholesome
Premiere tonight - The Judge's Bride

He's lonely, She's desperate. (Did I tell you she has 10 children? No, well she didn't tell him either.)

Rachel held the letter in her hand as she watched the banker come up the lane. He was taking the farm. Wasn't it enough she'd been widowed 2 years ago. Worse, good meaning townspeople wanted her to disperse her ten children to families who needed them. She had to keep her family together. The letter from the judge in Montana. Her only hope of keeping her family together was to go west to Montana as a mail order bride.
Judge Solomon Taggart groaned at having to referee a dispute between the two feuding families. That even their children were at each other made him doubt the wisdom of sending that letter to the widow in Minnesota. She had children. She didn't say how many, and he hadn't asked. He grabbed his rifle and swung up in the saddle, praying there'd be no bloodshed. And then he prayed he'd been wise to send that letter.
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Double Feature
Next up is a sweet romance by my friend Jackie Castle. You'll love this heartwarming romance set in the charming town of Madison Creek, Michigan. You'll find transplanted Texan Haley and a cast of characters that will have you rooting for them.

Sun Kisses  by Jackie Castle

History drew them together and then threatened to tear them apart.

Despite her attempt to portray a woman in control, Karen Borgman’s life is a mess. Living with an uncaring, unfaithful husband had been bad enough, but his death sent her life into a humiliating tailspin. Only her fight to revive the small town of Madison Creek, and sharing its deep history with tourist kept her sane.

When history professor, Kelvin Fairbanks, sailed into her life, Karen’s hope of a life with a good man is ignited. What could go wrong?
But when her heart’s desire, a desire she could never attain on her own, is dropped on her doorstep, her reputation and relationship with Kelvin are threatened.

Another heartwarming story from Madison Creek Bed and Breakfast and the characters you’ve grown to love.

Welcome to Madison Creek Where Northern Hospitality Meets Southern Comfort

Sun Kisses  On Amazon and free on kindle Unlimited

Coming SOON

The Sheriff's Bride   He came to town to settle a score but was too late. She was desperate to be loved at all cost.

Because I have to buy my own popcorn and goodies


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It's Vacation Time!

I hope everyone is having a good time on their vacation whether it is at the beach, visiting family, or staying home.

Growing up, I loved the lazy days of summer where I'd ride my bike to the library, pick out some books, and go home and have an adventure under the trees.

~~~  Here's a little about my latest story.

She was waiting for Mr. Right, and he was so wrong.

Cait inherits Great Aunt Trudy's house. Did I tell you her house might be a money pit. Oh, yeah, then there are those cats. Seems Aunt Trudy was the resident cat lady.  : )
You'll enjoy this heartwarming sweet romance.

Love's Purrfect Answer

Recently, I was privileged to write a book for Melissa Storm's kindle World based on her books.  Love's Purrfect Answer is now live on Amazon. 

There are 20 books in the world for your reading pleasure plus Melissa's Books.

So come on in and check out Sweet Grove, Texas and the friendly small town stories of faith and romance.
First Street Church Romances

Find out more and have a chance to enter the contest.

Come on in to the sweet town of Sweet Grove, Tx.

We have a newspaper.
Charming characters, oh, there could be the curmudgeon or two. 

Have an enjoyable summer and come and vacation in Sweet Grove, Tx.   

See you all there.


Ellen's Lesson ~ you'll love this story.

Some stories are just fun to write! And this was one of them. Ellen's Lesson is available for Preorder.

Ellen's Lesson

She's a blond, blue-eyed beauty. (Well, not exactly.) He's a handsome, prosperous gentleman from a good family. (Yeah, not so much.) With their letters at odds, what will Tyler and Ellen do when they meet and discover the truth? It's a mail order bride mess.

Ellen Barker feared her life was destined for the lonely outcome of a spinster school teacher. An advertisement in the paper asking for women to go to Colorado as mail order brides caught her attention. A few letters later, she was betrothed to Tyler Fletcher. A handsome upstanding citizen of Jubilee Springs.

Tyler Fletcher needed to be married before he was twenty-eight. That's what his pappy had told him. That the mine owners sent off for some mail order brides for the miners was perfect timing. He got hold of one. The perfect lady for him. Pretty, blond and blue-eyed. A woman of high society.

At least that is what his partner, Nels, told him. Once Tyler had some time, he was going to have to learn to read and write.

From the moment Ellen met Tyler, she knew she'd disappointed him, and it wasn't as if he'd been the prize she was expecting either. He didn't want her. She would be left alone again. Maybe ...

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Patricia PacJac Carroll: Free book and sales for Mother's Day

Patricia PacJac Carroll: Free book and sales for Mother's Day: Today only   May 11, 2017   FREE Treasure Harbor ~ 7 novellas by 5 great authors. Get it now. Free Click Here Get a start on...

Free book and sales for Mother's Day

Today only  May 11, 2017   FREE
Treasure Harbor ~ 7 novellas by 5 great authors.
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 Constance:Bride of Florida
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Zebulon's Bride
He's not ready to get married.
His mother orders him a mail
order bride.
What could go wrong?
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