Back on Track

What track?

The sleek fast rails to get published, in shape-spiritually and physically, and get my house clean. Might have those in the wrong order come to think of it.

First step -- write the vision plainly and clearly so that I can see it whenever I am tempted to jump track. A verse in Haggai. Have to look that up.

Diet - drink less cokes. Yes, here in Texas cokes can be anything from Coca Cola, Dr, Pepper to orange or Root beer. Anyway - limit myself to one a day. Ouch - I love the stuff - it is what my brain thinks of when thirst is mentioned.

Exercise - Move the body. I can even do housework and kill two birds with one action. (have to avoid those cliches)

Spiritual - pray, read His Word. Go back to journaling my heart to my Loving Father in Heaven and write His answers to me.

Writing - Write every day. set a goal -- Maybe 10 pages. (Hate the maybe part) Okay ten pages a day.

Whew. better stop this and get going.

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Pat Iacuzzi said...

Hi PacJac--

Just saying hey-- and nice to be here! Blessings on the blogspot and your efforts... Pat I.