I love storms. The wilder and louder the better - as long as I don't' get blown away. I would love to be a storm chaser. But since I live in Texas, I don't have to go far.

Today, an awesome storm. I have never seen it rain so hard that the trees outside were blurred away by the blowing,white-sheets of rain. And then toward the end of the storm - the sun came out. Not on the horizon, but straight up overhead in the middle of the thing. So we had driving rain and bright sunshine all at the same time.

Amazing to see the dark blue skies, brilliant yellow sunlight, and spring green grass and leaves. Supposedly we were under a tornado warning, but I didn't hear about it - too busy watching : )

I am energized and refreshed now.


His Words -- Tuesday!

Today I started journaling my praise and love for my Father in Heaven. And then I write what He has to say to me.

WOW, blessed me today.

Write My child, My daughter of letters.
And Rejoice that you are in the workhouse
of the Lord where there is no toil–only joy.

Although writing is hard work, I am filled with joy as I write, knowing that this is what I was created to do.


Tuesdays will be my His Words day.


Resurrection Day!

Praise the Risen Lord. Jesus Christ -crucified, dead, and sealed in a tomb. Until the third day. The reason for our being and continuing happened that day. Jesus is the Risen Lord. Conquering death. Preparing the way to eternity for those who believe in Him.

No other religion comes close. No other truth exists.

How do I know? Because He met me on a day that turned my life around. I wasn't into doing 'bad things' just ignorant of the truth of Jesus. I won't try and persuade anyone, for it wasn't reason that brought into His kingdom. I won't judge others (try not too:) who don't get it -I was there.

All I can tell you - if you want to know the truth, know God--Seek Him. He will meet you at the right time.

Fear not For He lives now and Forevermore.


Of Race and Grace

I just listened to Barak Obama's speech concerning his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I thought the speech was awesome. Finally someone acknowledged the elephant in the living room of American life.

Racial prejudice is still alive, hiding between the lines of all the politically correct language and niceties demanded by it. Evil lurks in the shadows, but once truth is shined on it, it must flee. I hope Barak's light helps to send the evil away.

But the Light that is required is the Love of God. Jesus alive in the hearts of His people who know that Grace has set them free. And only by seeing others through His Grace can we rise above the evil of prejudice.

God Bless America and help remind us that our greatness is because His Grace shines on us.

By the way -- I believe the Lord told me that Barak Obama is the man - the next President.
Not exactly what my Republican ears wanted to hear. But it is what I believe.


Back on Track

What track?

The sleek fast rails to get published, in shape-spiritually and physically, and get my house clean. Might have those in the wrong order come to think of it.

First step -- write the vision plainly and clearly so that I can see it whenever I am tempted to jump track. A verse in Haggai. Have to look that up.

Diet - drink less cokes. Yes, here in Texas cokes can be anything from Coca Cola, Dr, Pepper to orange or Root beer. Anyway - limit myself to one a day. Ouch - I love the stuff - it is what my brain thinks of when thirst is mentioned.

Exercise - Move the body. I can even do housework and kill two birds with one action. (have to avoid those cliches)

Spiritual - pray, read His Word. Go back to journaling my heart to my Loving Father in Heaven and write His answers to me.

Writing - Write every day. set a goal -- Maybe 10 pages. (Hate the maybe part) Okay ten pages a day.

Whew. better stop this and get going.


Digging out from under the Debris

Whew! Amazing how much falls apart when you're sick for a few days. So today I am digging out from under the debris of undone - need to do - better do it- stuff. Washing clothes, Doing dishes, Making dinner, Catching up on eMail, ...

Ta Da -- I successfully hooked my printer to my laptop. After an hour of frustration - I go the thing to print!! I consider that a major project accomplished for the day.

Now to conquer the dishes and kitchen - Forward March>
And the clothes.

And to exercise

and to eat better

Ugh, I can do this, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can : )


Not Grown Up But Born Again!!

Part three of me-since there is a Me, myself and I--there must be three parts. So to go with the Sergeant Shultz and Peter Pan parts there is the awesome redeemed part - Born again filled with the Holy Spirit and thankful to be a child of the Living God.

Not by anything I have done, but only by the blood of my risen Lord - Jesus Christ. He is the One who gives life meaning and the promise of life eternal. Through Him I live and breath.
I'm not perfect, but through Jesus I have been perfected.

I desire to do all things as unto the Lord. have fallen short, but am getting back up.

Praise the LORD!


Now for the Peter Pan Side of My Life's Philosophy!

I finished my lunch and wanted something sweet. Out of chocolate, I chose the only sweet thing I could find. A Popsicle!! I'd already eaten my favorite grape and red and had the choice of orange or green. About to pick the safe orange one, I changed the course of my fingers and grabbed for the green.

Green Popsicles! What a takeback to childhood and carefree summers spent lounging under a shade tree and licking a Popsicle before it melted, dripping on your fingers and onto your toes. But who cares, that's what the sprinkler was for : )

So I enjoyed the spring-green Popsicle. Licked the tangy taste and reveled in the fact that I have yet to grow up!!!


My Sergeant Shultz Philosophy of Life

Remember Sergeant Shutlz from Hogan's Heroes? His line was I know nothing! It seems the older I get and the more things I think I know -- when I get it figured out in my mind -- I know nothing!

I know stuff, or would that be of stuff. Can't know everything about anything. Once at Barnes & Nobles, I laughed at the title of a book in their big cheap book aisle.
The title >The Complete History of the World -- Well, excuse me, I don't think the world has ended so how could it be complete?

I am at my wisest when I say I don't know? According to Proverbs, even fools look wise if they keep quiet. How many times has someone asked you a question about another person? And we answer what we think but as we all too often discover--what we think is often not the truth. Or things aren't always as they seem. And what do we really know about anyone else, much less ourselves?

So be pleasantly surprised by the goodness of others and remember that The Complete History hasn't been written about us yet. And only God knows the complete history.

Be wise - if you don't really know, then you really don't know!