Eternal Day

Oh happy day! I was thinking about our life here on earth. What's it about? What's the point? As I considered the questions, I had a glimpse of the day as an eternal day. Every word is recorded, God sees all we do, and our actions recorded. We'll see it all in heaven.

Whatever we do this day -- is eternal.

Puts an importance to every minute doesn't it?

Unlike the world that is stuck in a groundhog day existence of run and run only to do it all over tomorrow, the children of God--those who follow Jesus, the heirs with Christ--have set before them a day of destiny and eternity. Praise the Lord that He is with us. Never to leave us or forsake us.

So go forth into this Eternal Day and praise the Living God who will have His way.


Are You Ready?

And I don't mean for football.

I believe we are living in the times of the ten virgins. Do you have oil? Are you prepared?
I ask these questions to myself, and the truth is--I am not sure. Oh I believe in Jesus, but am I ready? Am I to be counted with the wise?

These are the questions we are to wrestle with--the purpose and goals that need to be given attention. The world and the ways of the world come crashing over us to dissuade us from what is truly important.

Stir your hearts to seek the One who can save, give wisdom, and guide us through the storm that is coming.

Watch and pray!

I found a site about the Parable of the Ten Virgins -- take a look. Not sure of this site, but I liked his take on this parable.


Rain and watching skin flicks : )

Today, in Texas, in August, it is raining. A wonderful day to write. Create. I can hear the earth open up, drink, and say "awww." I love the promise of cooler temps and greener grass. Life renewed.

The skin flicks? Don't worry, I've not gone to the dark side. It's the Olympics! Soo much skin and so little uniforms. But what an inspiration to get in gear and strive to be the best writer I can be. Go for the Gold.

Reminds me of the Apostle Paul and his verses about running the race. Too often I find myself sitting in the stands sipping root beer floats and forgetting to run. For all of us have a race set before us. Some are sprints, others marathons. But the call to run the race is given. So run, don't look back or to the side, but forward to Jesus and His promises.

Run your race!


Where have I been?

Whew, I push back the cobwebs and enter the dark room. A spider runs into the Shack : ) No No, that was the last post. Where have I been? Good question. Seems all I have to do is say "I am going to..." and whatever it was --the opposite will happen. I will write on my blog every week. Didn't happen, sorry.
So much for will power. But I am back now. Have wonderful news regarding two nonfiction books that I am writing. Things I Learned on the Way to the Last Page and Writing -- It's Your Business. They are self-published. Another new thing to learn and do : )

Things I Learned on the Way to the Last Page--I included things I wished I had known when I started writing my first book. Great book for a beginner and anyone who has trouble finishing a book. Also some useful tips on using the computer. EX: How to go from Chapter 2 to Chapter 10 with a click of your mouse.

Writing--It's Your Business--this is for anyone who has decided to get serious with their writing career. I've included forms and worksheets to help you document your writing, times and expenses. Business plans and goals need to be written and your strategy to be a career writer explained. Good for any writer to get focused and prove to the tax man you're not a hobby.