It's Vacation Time!

I hope everyone is having a good time on their vacation whether it is at the beach, visiting family, or staying home.

Growing up, I loved the lazy days of summer where I'd ride my bike to the library, pick out some books, and go home and have an adventure under the trees.

~~~  Here's a little about my latest story.

She was waiting for Mr. Right, and he was so wrong.

Cait inherits Great Aunt Trudy's house. Did I tell you her house might be a money pit. Oh, yeah, then there are those cats. Seems Aunt Trudy was the resident cat lady.  : )
You'll enjoy this heartwarming sweet romance.

Love's Purrfect Answer

Recently, I was privileged to write a book for Melissa Storm's kindle World based on her books.  Love's Purrfect Answer is now live on Amazon. 

There are 20 books in the world for your reading pleasure plus Melissa's Books.

So come on in and check out Sweet Grove, Texas and the friendly small town stories of faith and romance.
First Street Church Romances

Find out more and have a chance to enter the contest.

Come on in to the sweet town of Sweet Grove, Tx.

We have a newspaper.
Charming characters, oh, there could be the curmudgeon or two. 

Have an enjoyable summer and come and vacation in Sweet Grove, Tx.   

See you all there.


Ellen's Lesson ~ you'll love this story.

Some stories are just fun to write! And this was one of them. Ellen's Lesson is available for Preorder.

Ellen's Lesson

She's a blond, blue-eyed beauty. (Well, not exactly.) He's a handsome, prosperous gentleman from a good family. (Yeah, not so much.) With their letters at odds, what will Tyler and Ellen do when they meet and discover the truth? It's a mail order bride mess.

Ellen Barker feared her life was destined for the lonely outcome of a spinster school teacher. An advertisement in the paper asking for women to go to Colorado as mail order brides caught her attention. A few letters later, she was betrothed to Tyler Fletcher. A handsome upstanding citizen of Jubilee Springs.

Tyler Fletcher needed to be married before he was twenty-eight. That's what his pappy had told him. That the mine owners sent off for some mail order brides for the miners was perfect timing. He got hold of one. The perfect lady for him. Pretty, blond and blue-eyed. A woman of high society.

At least that is what his partner, Nels, told him. Once Tyler had some time, he was going to have to learn to read and write.

From the moment Ellen met Tyler, she knew she'd disappointed him, and it wasn't as if he'd been the prize she was expecting either. He didn't want her. She would be left alone again. Maybe ...

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Patricia PacJac Carroll: Free book and sales for Mother's Day

Patricia PacJac Carroll: Free book and sales for Mother's Day: Today only   May 11, 2017   FREE Treasure Harbor ~ 7 novellas by 5 great authors. Get it now. Free Click Here Get a start on...

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Get a start on your beach reading now with these sweet romances. 

 Constance:Bride of Florida
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May 11-14, 2017

A heartwarming story
 and sweet romance.

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Zebulon's Bride
He's not ready to get married.
His mother orders him a mail
order bride.
What could go wrong?
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May 11-May 15, 2017

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New Release - The Judge's Bride

The Judge's Bride: 
Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley     Book 1

Celebrate!  The Judge's Bride is now available on Amazon > Click here

I hope you enjoy this story. I know I had fun writing it. Rachel and her children show up in Montana in answer to Judge Solomon Taggart's letter for a mail order bride.

Did I tell you how many children Rachel has?  The judge knows she has some, but not how many. What a surprise.

Then there is that feud in the valley. The Murphys and Howards don't get along at all. No one remembers why, but they set the whole valley and little town of Shirleyville on edge.

Ride on over and escape into 1881 Montana when times were simpler, sort of  😊
Settle back and have a good read.

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Brides of Black Horse Mesa ~ Texas

Announcing a collection of savings for you.
Brides of Black Horse Mesa ~ Texas Save and get all 3 novellas for the sale price of only $2.99 right now.

(This is a collection of the Brides of Black Horse Mesa ~ Texas  
Greta's Story
Maggie's Story & 
Matt's Story
All 3 in one book)

Three brothers as wild as Texas and the women who tame their hearts. Follow the stories of the Logan brothers, Chase, Tom, and Matt along with their uncle, Big John. Chase wants a woman and starts it all off by ordering a mail order bride, but Greta wants a husband not to be a mail order maid. Tom isn't looking for a wife until he meets Maggie, Matt's mail order bride. To soothe his broken heart, Matt rides off with Big John after outlaws and finds more than he bargained for.
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Look Where Zebulon's Bride is today ~ There are prizes.

Today is Zebulon's Bride day on the Loving Book Blitz.
Rafflecopter #giveaway ZEBULON’S BRIDE by Patricia Carroll @SweetAmericana1
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Stop by and see what all is going on.
There is a Rafflecopter for prizes.
Blogs to go and check out.
AND of course, the wonderful series:
Grandma's Wedding Quilts with 12 books for you to read and enjoy.

Zebulon's Bride


Welcome Spring

Ahhhh, Spring is here!
Doesn't it feel wonderful? I love it when the warmer temperatures welcome me outside. Oh, to sit under a tree or in the sun and read a good book. Or just enjoy the birds singing, flowers blooming, and the great outdoors.

I do love the change in seasons. But I am beginning to really appreciate the warm mornings. Having to take my dog out in the mornings may have something to do with that. : )

Spring is such a special time. When trees who looked dead, suddenly spring to life. You can almost watch the leaves emerge they pop out so quickly.

And the colors. The tender spring greens to the darker shades. Who would even be able to describe the varieties of green.

Hope you enjoy the spring and get out and smell the roses.
Patricia PacJac Carroll

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Cover Reveal in an Upside Down Life

Here's the cover for my next book, The Judge's Bride. It should be out by the end of the month. Only five months late.

Well, I just didn't figure on the double-bypass heart surgery in October. Life is that way isn't it? And that's the one thing I really took away from that ordeal.
The Sovereignty of the Lord.

James 4:15 NASB
Instead, you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that."

What do I know? I had no idea I wouldn't be able to write book 1. Book 2 was already on deadline and out in January. Ahead of book 1.  Well, that is a crazy way to do things, but life can be that crazy. It took me several months to regain my strength and writing brain. I didn't count on that either.

And as I write these stories, I find my characters dealing with unforeseen problems or roadblocks that they must work through.

Such is life. Life in all its crazy twists and turns that can blindside you and leave you wondering just how do you explain book 2 is out before book 1.  Fortunately, they are stand alone books in a series connected by place and characters.

I love life! I love it that the Lord walks with  me and guides me in all those turns. That He is the surety in an unsure world. That He gave me an awesome husband to walk alongside and help  me.

So, get ready friends. Book 1 is about to come out. I'm almost to the end an enjoying these characters and their story. Stay tuned and Lord willing, The Judge's Bride will be out the end of March.

Patricia PacJac Carroll

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It's a Dandy Day

I love dandelions.  Such a fun name that sets my imagination free to see lions with fluffy yellow manes.

If your weather is nice, go outside and see if you can't find some of these dandies.

And while you're at it, grab a good book and read. I love Spring when the weather warms up and happy breezes brush by you to say "Hi"

Enjoy the day.  


March FUN ~ Enjoy

Where have I been?  I can't believe I have been away from my blog for such a long time. But then, a lot has happened.  Had an awesome vacation in Sept. ~ Planes, Trains and Automobile. Flew to San Francisco, took a train to Denver, and then drove to Yellowstone National Park and up into Montana. What a wonderful trip for my husband and I.  THEN ~ hear the troubling music ~ I  had double bypass surgery. That threw me for a loop and I am just now getting back to full steam. I've taken a licking but I'm still ticking and not through living.  I love life and my family and friends. God is good.

SO ~ What is my March FUN?  Two freebies this weekend.

Goldie's Pick is my newest release. (Although she was included in a collection last year. No April Fools under the title of April Fool's Date.)

A sweet contemporary romance novella you'll enjoy.

"I'm the last of my college roommates to be married." Elle spoke to the empty hallway. She couldn't believe she was once again a bridesmaid. Was she going to have to choose between settling for Mr. Good-Enough and being alone? Maybe she just needed to adopt a dog.
Nick was happy with his life. He had his first real client in his architect firm and things were going well. No, he was't married. He didn't need a wife at this time in his life. He was too busy.

Free March 3-5, 2017 Fri-Sun.

Pick her up on Amazon and have some fun.

Goldie's Pick >


Surprise Fun #2
 Constance: Bride of Florida
A sweet historical romance, you'll enjoy this one, too.

Constance is a Sweet Historical Romance and #27 in the unprecedented 50 book American Mail-Order Bride Series.
Constance has always done everything by the book. Follow the rules, be good, and hide. Can this letter to a man she doesn't know break her out of the shadows?
Drake has dreamed of going to sea, but Father's ultimatum has him sending for a mail-order bride. He'll take care of her, but she needs to know, he'll leave for the sea after they're married,

FREE March 3-7, 2017 Fri - Tues.
Pick her up on Amazon and have some more fun.
Constance: Bride of Florida

ENJOY the stories and have an  awesome March Surprise.
Patricia PacJac Carroll