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Publish date is April 30, 2015

Lilly kept her eyes forward, her chin up, and her heart encased in stone as the 'good' sheriff led her to the train station.

She'd been run out of more saloons and towns than she had fingers to count. Didn't matter. She'd find another town. Another saloon. Another chance.

She glanced at the shining sun and hoped the next town would be different.


Bounty is FREE March 25-29


Ready for an adventure?

Cat Cahill loves her Wyoming ranch, home, AND her freedom.

Her mother wants her to marry an easterner and move to Boston.

Luke dreams of going west until his dying mother gives him letters to take to his outlaw brothers.

Frederick Broyles wants to take over the town of Bounty, the surrounding ranches, and Cat.

A story of sacrifice in the face of evil and love's eternal power.


Through the Mist

Ah, pictures like this just beg for a story to be told. 

It doesn't take much to ignite my imagination. I can see this as a story about a runaway.

Maybe a runaway slave in 1860. Or it could be a ten-year-old girl on an adventure in 2015.

Mystery. Intrigue. They are limitless if  you turn your imagination loose. 

So, what do you see? A white stallion running out of the fog? A German tank in WWII.  Maybe, a dragon forced from it's lair by troubling trolls and hungry for a meal.

Look deep. Look inside yourself. Unlock your imagination and let it fly.

Have fun  : )

Lilly is Almost Finished

The story is playing out, and I'm on the home stretch to The End.

Redeeming Lilly is a story full of twists as characters are confronted with their pasts ... and futures.

I think you're going to enjoy this one.   : )

She should be finished next week and tidied up for her Amazon publishing date before Easter.

This year ~ my theme for the Series ~Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick ~ is The Classics.

The first book was The Lone Stranger  of course named after The Lone Ranger.

Next will be Redeeming Lilly - named after Francine Rivers classic romantic tale ~ Redeeming Love. (This is the 20th anniversary of her book)

After Lilly, the next one will be ~ Lady and the Scamp ~ of course after Disney's Lady and the Tramp. 

Bride and Prejudice comes next.  And finally  Gone with the Twins. 

To finish out the Hickory Stick year of 2015 ~ I plan a Hickory Stick Christmas with all your favorite characters.

Always writing with the reader in mind. My hope is to Entertain and Encourage readers as they Enjoy the story.

Have a blessed week!

RUN your race.

I Corinthians 9:24 (NASB)
Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.

The Bible tells we are in a race, and we are to run it to win.

Are you running?

Far too often, I am diddling around. Backtracking, getting distracted, losing sight of the prize.

So, how are we to run?

What has the Lord set before you to do?

We know His Word says that in whatever we do, do it unto the Lord. Are we? 

Or do we let circumstances push us around? Maybe a disgruntled or lazy coworker tempts us to stop running and slack off like they do. Maybe we are not in the mood. The inspiration hasn't struck. Or a million other excuses.

Set your sights on the prize. Jesus. Follow Him. Shrug off the lies of the enemy and run for the truth.

Run, Christians, Run.

Snow Days and Change

Last week here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, we had snow. I  LOVE SNOW.

Unfortunately, I took almost the entire week off from my writing. I just couldn't keep myself on the computer. I think it was a combination of the excitement of snow, drinking cokes, and eating Kit Kats.

Sugar overload!

So, this is my week to change. Eat better and drink water. AND write like the wind. I have too many books waiting to be written.

CHANGE. Isn't that what books are about? Characters who must change because of circumstances they find themselves in. And isn't that what changes us?

This season we are entering into in response to the Resurrection of Jesus our Lord, isn't it about change? The power to change from a lost life to one that is assured of eternal life.

Many people do not like change, but it is not all bad.

As we see the weather change and the landscape change from barren brown or frosty snow to green, take it as a reminder that we too will be changed. And give those around you room to change.

I love snow. I love Spring. I also love change.

Tomorrow, I am hoping for change. A new diet, maybe some exercise, and a renewed effort to write the stories He has give me.