His Words -- Tuesday!

Today I started journaling my praise and love for my Father in Heaven. And then I write what He has to say to me.

WOW, blessed me today.

Write My child, My daughter of letters.
And Rejoice that you are in the workhouse
of the Lord where there is no toil–only joy.

Although writing is hard work, I am filled with joy as I write, knowing that this is what I was created to do.


Tuesdays will be my His Words day.

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Pat Iacuzzi said...

Hi Pat--

Thought I'd visit your blogspot, and say welcome as another "Pat" on crit group 51. Have you been doing any writing recently? If so, how is it coming along?
Everyone in the group seems to have a spot except me, but I'm green as grass when it comes to techno-stuff, so I will have to think about it for a little while before I jump in :-) Looks like fun though!
Blessings-- Pat I.