Now for the Peter Pan Side of My Life's Philosophy!

I finished my lunch and wanted something sweet. Out of chocolate, I chose the only sweet thing I could find. A Popsicle!! I'd already eaten my favorite grape and red and had the choice of orange or green. About to pick the safe orange one, I changed the course of my fingers and grabbed for the green.

Green Popsicles! What a takeback to childhood and carefree summers spent lounging under a shade tree and licking a Popsicle before it melted, dripping on your fingers and onto your toes. But who cares, that's what the sprinkler was for : )

So I enjoyed the spring-green Popsicle. Licked the tangy taste and reveled in the fact that I have yet to grow up!!!


Pat Iacuzzi said...

Hi Pat-

Yay!! I made it (just needed something very simple :) Hope a lot of folks jump right in and say "Hey."
Noted your comment on the barrage of ideas you get, then have a hard time picking something out that you can stick with. Same here; but it seems I'm narrowing the field right now. Blerssings on your blogging!
Pat I.

Pat Iacuzzi said...

p.s. - that's BLESSINGS, by the way! Pat