Writing Wednesday - A tribute to authors.

Today I thought I would write a tribute and encouragement to authors. Those brave souls that bleed on paper and write their most inner thoughts for the world to see. The scribes who pull down the stories to tell and entertain, teach, challenge and encourage readers. Books have challenged nations to change course, cultures to come to grips with their shortcoming, and individuals to better themselves. Anyone can pick up a book and say "I could write better than that." Maybe, maybe not. But those who have stuck it out and written into the late hours of the night, edited until they were cross-eyed, and carried a story to through the end. THANK YOU. The world needs authors. Now more than ever. With the e-book, thoughts and stories will circle the planet in lightning speed. Available to any with Internet access. SO to those brave scribes who have been called by the Lord - WRITE. Go after the stories HE has given you and give the world what only you can give. AS Christians, we carry the hope of the world inside us. Show it in your stories, let readers know and see the hope of Glory in your writing. NOW is the TIME.