My Sergeant Shultz Philosophy of Life

Remember Sergeant Shutlz from Hogan's Heroes? His line was I know nothing! It seems the older I get and the more things I think I know -- when I get it figured out in my mind -- I know nothing!

I know stuff, or would that be of stuff. Can't know everything about anything. Once at Barnes & Nobles, I laughed at the title of a book in their big cheap book aisle.
The title >The Complete History of the World -- Well, excuse me, I don't think the world has ended so how could it be complete?

I am at my wisest when I say I don't know? According to Proverbs, even fools look wise if they keep quiet. How many times has someone asked you a question about another person? And we answer what we think but as we all too often discover--what we think is often not the truth. Or things aren't always as they seem. And what do we really know about anyone else, much less ourselves?

So be pleasantly surprised by the goodness of others and remember that The Complete History hasn't been written about us yet. And only God knows the complete history.

Be wise - if you don't really know, then you really don't know!

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