Where I Write and What's Next

Here's a picture of the closet I turned into a mini library. Yes, the walls are turquoise and the floor brick red. But it looks good.

I call this my Fun Room.

It is here that I write my books. AND it is fun.

I sit on a couch with my laptop and travel into worlds that I make up. Going back in time to the old west and meeting characters that have stories to tell.

But WHERE do stories come from?

Writing stories amazes me.  I sit down to write, stare at the blank screen and wonder where the characters and story will take me.

I begin, pick the character who is going to show what is happening in the scene or chapter and write what I see them do, think, and feel.

And here is what I am working on now.

Redeeming Lilly 

 COMING in March


The Answer for Troubled Times

Jesus is the answer!
He is the Lily of the Valley.  The Prince of Peace. The Lord of All. Life. Truth. Light. He holds all things together. The Rose of Sharon. The Alpha and Omega. The First born of the Dead. The Son of God. 

The time to put your trust in Him is now.
Just read the headlines of the day.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.


A New Series is Coming

Solomon's Valley                                  Set in Montana

Book 1   The Feud.

Judge Solomon Taggert is a prosperous man. But he is lonely. Thoughts of ordering a bride have tempted him. The cold nights settled it. 

And then there are the two feuding families he has to deal with.

The Murphys : Ben - a rowdy man as big as the mountains.
Anna - his wife. She might be small, but she's strong enough to run her wild family.
Their sons - 25 yr old, Ben, James - 23, Thomas - 21, and Ronin 18.

They are bitter enemies with the Howards. Stephen is a gentle, thoughtful man unless he's near the Murphy's. His wife Nina is a smart, capable women who sees that their family doesn't do without.
They have four daughters - Ailene - 24, Rachel - 22, Cassidy - 18, and Betsy - 16.

Their feud turns the valley and town upside down. So intense is their dislike, Judge Taggert divides the town on Saturdays when the two families do their shopping.

To make things worse, The Murphys raise cattle, but to the anger of many  in the valley, the Howards raise sheep. 

Should be a fun story of adventure, turmoil, and of course romance.


The Lone Stranger ~ Available*** FEB. 5 ***

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**Available FEB. 5, 2015

The Lone Stranger
The next book in my Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick. 
It's the start of my Classic Series.

The Lone Stranger
Redeeming Lily
Bride and Prejudice
Gone with the Twins

All out in 2015.

Hope you enjoy them.