The Shack or is it Shacking up with the Enemy!

When I first saw the book, The Shack, at Barnes & Noble, I wanted to get it. Yay! a book about Christianity being pushed in a mainstream bookstore. Or so I thought. I picked up the book, and for some reason decided not to buy it. I hadn't heard anything about it, but something just didn't set right in my spirit. So I didn't buy it. I continued to look at it whenever I was in the bookstore, but didn't trust it.

On a trip to Colorado, I saw the book at the Focus on the Family headquarters bookstore as well as the bookstore in the NAV Press headquarters. The book must be all right, I thought. Surely, these bastions of the faith wouldn't promote a bad book.

I got home and bought the book. BOY WAS I WRONG!

And that is what has disturbed me more than anything. Since then I see that the 700 Club has promoted it, as well as other organizations I respected. Hmmm. Either I am whacked or the enemy has slipped in unnoticed under the guise of a good story that brings readers to tears as it plays with their feelings as well as their beliefs.

I'm feeling like I have spotted a dangerous flood coming our way and am shouting "watch out for the flood," but most just stare at me like I'm all wet.

In these days, last days I believe, we are warned of a great delusion. After I read half the book, I put it down and that is the word I heard from the Lord -- Delusion.

I'm sorry to say that I did finish reading the book. It got worse not better.

I am not a scholar and have no desire to study The Shack to point out its errors. I have learned that I must run to the Word of God and soak in His truth and trust in His Holy Spirit. I shouldn't have bought the book. Sorry I did. I don't need to fill my brain with error.

I don't think Jesus, God the Father, or the Holy Spirit need to be repackaged to be sold. We're warned not to teach or believe any other gospel or any other Jesus.

Test the spirits