It's Vacation Time!

I hope everyone is having a good time on their vacation whether it is at the beach, visiting family, or staying home.

Growing up, I loved the lazy days of summer where I'd ride my bike to the library, pick out some books, and go home and have an adventure under the trees.

~~~  Here's a little about my latest story.

She was waiting for Mr. Right, and he was so wrong.

Cait inherits Great Aunt Trudy's house. Did I tell you her house might be a money pit. Oh, yeah, then there are those cats. Seems Aunt Trudy was the resident cat lady.  : )
You'll enjoy this heartwarming sweet romance.

Love's Purrfect Answer

Recently, I was privileged to write a book for Melissa Storm's kindle World based on her books.  Love's Purrfect Answer is now live on Amazon. 

There are 20 books in the world for your reading pleasure plus Melissa's Books.

So come on in and check out Sweet Grove, Texas and the friendly small town stories of faith and romance.
First Street Church Romances

Find out more and have a chance to enter the contest.

Come on in to the sweet town of Sweet Grove, Tx.

We have a newspaper.
Charming characters, oh, there could be the curmudgeon or two. 

Have an enjoyable summer and come and vacation in Sweet Grove, Tx.   

See you all there.

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