Welcome Spring

Ahhhh, Spring is here!
Doesn't it feel wonderful? I love it when the warmer temperatures welcome me outside. Oh, to sit under a tree or in the sun and read a good book. Or just enjoy the birds singing, flowers blooming, and the great outdoors.

I do love the change in seasons. But I am beginning to really appreciate the warm mornings. Having to take my dog out in the mornings may have something to do with that. : )

Spring is such a special time. When trees who looked dead, suddenly spring to life. You can almost watch the leaves emerge they pop out so quickly.

And the colors. The tender spring greens to the darker shades. Who would even be able to describe the varieties of green.

Hope you enjoy the spring and get out and smell the roses.
Patricia PacJac Carroll

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Tina B said...

My favorite season is Summer. One of the many reasons I live in Fl.

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

My sister in law lives in Panama City, Fl. I like summer too but it does get boring in TX. Just plain hot! : )