Time management and Internet woes

Well, had a bit of a problem with my internet connection. I have an AT&T USB card and it bumped me offline and then said it couldn't fine the device. I don't know why and don't really know what I clicked to make it work, but it does : )

Now for the bigger problem of time managament. Or lack of it in my case. I know I said I was starting a schedule. Hasn't happened yet. And now to add to my troubles - I have been playing a stupid computer game - Luxor. I love the game but can't seem to be able to stop. HELP

OKAY this must be a situation where discipline is required. I can do this.

Good note- I have my chapter to chapter done for Down to Earth and today got a good revelation of where I want to take the story. Yahoo. So the day wasn't a total loss.

That's all for now, I am on a search for discipline.


Weasel Words - Pests in the field of ideas and story

WEASEL words--those critters that pester the life out of your writing. And Life! They are all too familiar: Try, maybe, probably, likely, attempt, might, just

They add nothing to the ideas. Instead, they weaken the sentence. And the reader gets the notion that the writer isn't sure of the facts or story. I love the quote from Yoda in Star Wars - You either do or you do not-there is no try. How true that is. Try is a word with defeat built right in to it. After all, if you tried then it's okay if you fail. Right?

Wrong. If you keep trying-you're likely to keep failing. Do whatever it is you have your heart set on. Press on, but don't just try. Throw all you have into it - don't hold back in case of failure. Instead, embrace the journey and learn.

Go forward boldly. Don't back down and don't just try but do it with all your heart.


I been tagged! What was I doing 10,20,30 years ago?

Thanks to Pat at
I've been tagged to tell what I was doing 10, 20 and 30 years ago. Good question. And I have trouble remembering yesterday.

1o years ago - 1997 I actually was writing mostly nonficiton. Didn't get very far, but the writing bug was in me. I did write some letters to the editor that were published. My son was 16 and as the saying goes, he got his drivers license and all I saw were tail lights : ) My husband I had been married 24 years.

20 years ago - 1987 hmm gettting a little harder. This was the year my mother died- of cancer. My son was 6. we went to Hawaii. I owned a pet store. and really didn't have much time to write. I may have dabbled a little with letters to the editor. I started my first book in 1995 - still not finished.

30 years ago - 1977 - I think this was the year we bought the pet store. Didn't write - that was still a blip on my life's journey- hidden from me. I am a late bloomer- a boomer bloomer.

Well not very interesting - but it's been a good life, no complaints. I often wonder why I didn't know I wanted to be a writer. I do remember one class in high school the teacher handed out pictures and we were to write stories. I loved that and still remember them. But I guess since the books we read in school were written by people long dead- writing didn't seem to be something to do with your life. Ecxcept for journalism and I didn't want that.

So there you have it - confessions of a late but happy bloomer. : )

I am tagging Ronie Kendig


I am a Multi-Taser

Yes, A multi-taser. That is a multi-tasker without the K- the knockout - the finish. I start multiple chores, stories, anything - and leave them strewn about, languishing to be completed. The result is a house full of projects, beckoning to me, and what do I do under the demand of so many - I sit down and click the remote to find a suitable show to take me away.

So to go with my Scheduling - I am incorporating my strategy of One Thing. Putting down one thing I want to accomplish for the day. And this is a bite-sized specific thing.

Today I want to write my chapter by chapter for Down to Earth.
For my house cleaning -(as house keepers go - my house would make Martha Stewart run back to jail) This job is a week long project - clean my bedroom.

Not too bad. I can do this. Maybe(Tomorrow's blog will be on my war against weasel words) someday I can get the K back in Tasker.


You need to set a scehdule

It has been over a year that the Lord told me --I hate to tell you this, but you need to set a schedule. Yikes. But I have to confess, even I can see that to be effective I am going to have to come up with a strategy for my writing life.

So, The Schedule starts Monday. Everything starts on Monday -- things you don't want to do anyway. Like diets.

What will my schedule look like? Good question. But I know the Lord has good plans for me. Plans that will prosper me and lead me into the fullness of life that He has destined for me. My Goals:
  • Spend time with the Lord
  • To write - finish the proposals for the 2 books requested by an editor
  • get the house clean

Sounds easy - but for me I am going to have to break each of these down into bite-size portions or I'll give up. Praise the Lord I have Sunday to seek the Lord's guidance and will to set the schedule.

I am determined and will succeed. I know this. Watch for the updates of this writing life.


A New Beginning

I woke up this morning and was hit with the I can't write blues. But they didn't last long. The Lord sent a writing buddy to encourage me, and the SON broke through, blasting the shades of doubt away.

SO I am starting over with a fresh new blog. I'll write about writing and life.

The two are intricately intertwined. For writers write about life--theirs and the made up lives of characters who only live in their imaginations until a reader reads the book or story.

But those made up characters go through conflict, tension on every page of their lives, so that we--readers and author-- can learn. A mental laboratory where ideas are written to see just how it will all work out.

A writer can plot, but as in real life, the story can take wild turns that surprise us. So get ready for adventure and come with me as I delve into the exciting world of writing.