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Treasure Harbor Series consists of seven novellas centered on the missing treasure supposedly hidden in Treasure Harbor. Legend has it that pirate Drake Burton ran off with gold and jewels belonging to his love, Camilla Callahan. After a vicious storm, coins from the four-hundred-year old treasure have been uncovered on Bounty Beach. Treasure hunters from all over converge on the small town in search of the booty.

Treasured Love
Kori James is looking for treasure and a fresh start. What she’s not looking for is a good time with a handsome, care-free guy. She’s been there done that and fears following in her mother’s staggering footsteps.

Max Triton loves the sea and has a reputation of loving the ladies as well. But things are changing. For one, the town has been flooded with treasure hunters looking for the Burton-Callahan lost treasure. Max wants nothing to do with lost bounty. Then he sees Kori and a hidden place in his heart is unlocked.

Treasure Harbor Series

Book #1 Belle Calhoune's Some Kind of Wonderful

Book #2 Leah Atwood's The Space Between Us

Book #3 Patricia PacJac Carroll's Treasured Love 

Soon to be Released ~  1 every Monday:
Book #4 Stolen Legacy
Book #5 His Timeless Treasure
Book #6 His Precious Jewel
Book #7 The Sum of Love

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