Golden Dreams - Coming Soon

Katy and Rev's story is progressing and should be up in Dec.
A little late, life intervened for a while, but now
I think I have that under control. 

Oh, wait. What is that? Aww, some more life creeping in.
No, my mistake. Just fb and twitter.

So for now, I am back to the keyboard and pounding out a story about redemption, love, and adventure as my characters cross the plains, the Rockies, and make their way to California.

I'll let you know when they are ready for prime time.

Have a blessed week everyone! 



As Christians, we hold the light of the world inside us. 
And the world watches us to see what that light might be.
The pressure is on. Whatever you do will be examined.
And not fairly. 

As a Christian, you will be held to a higher standard. 

So whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.
With integrity. Doing your best.
Don't succumb to the hissing temptation of the world
that would enjoy pulling your down into the mire,
destroying your witness.

As an author, I feel the weight of the gift the Lord has given.
Make the words right. Tell the story to His Glory.

And I see the temptation. Especially as an Indie Published author
I see the lure of throwing things on Amazon and Smashwords.
The more you have out there the more money you can make.

The lure is cast. The prize the illusion of making more money.

But is that why we write?
For money?

Sure, I hope to earn a decent wage. 
But first and foremost, I write for Him.
The Lord is my Provider.

Watch your light. Keep your Integrity that
His light that shines inside you
Remains untarnished by the temptations of the world.

Integrity means unity and wholeness.
Only  in Him can you maintain your Integrity.


QR Code? A little wonder for promotions

Have you seen these?  Know what they are? How to use them?

  • First thing you need to do is go to your phone and download the App for Shop Savvy
  • Next make  your QR code. HERE >   Make one for your website, your book, you!
  • Now, hold your phone up and let it scan the picture above and it will take you to Liberty Belle on Amazon with the buy now click right there on the phone Just click by now (just kidding : ) Although if  you want a good read, you'd enjoy the click).
  • Great to put on your business cards, flyers, bumper sticker on your car, post cards of your books. 
Experiment and have fun with this nifty tool!  And sell your books the easy way.  No more meeting someone, telling them to check it out, knowing they will probably forget. Keep a picture of the code on your phone and let them scan it from your phone. 

Now they have your book buying site on their phone.  How cool is that. They won't forget.


How FUN!!

Well, my first free book promotion is over, and I had more fun than I think one is supposed to. : )

Will take some time to see if the free days pay off in any sales. But I know this, I have had a blast. And my book has been read by many who would never have seen it if it hadn't been on Kindles free days.

Thank you Amazon for providing me with a way to get my books out there.

After all, we write stories for others to read, and I hope all those who downloaded Liberty Belle enjoy the story.

I really like people, have to keep Jesus big in my heart to like some, but what an amazing experience. Most people are encouraging, helpful, and friendly.

Without friends, none of us will get far.

So just want to say a big thank you to all who downloaded Liberty Belle, to those who cheered me on, and to all those who endured my constant pestering on FB and Twitter on Wednesday.  : )

I had a blast.
Stay tuned because of COURSE I AM UP TO SOMETHING ELSE  : )



Liberty Belle is free on Kindle
August 1 thru 5, 2012

I have had so much fun blogging, posting on FB
and Twitter, emailing friends all for help.

As I write this Liberty Belle sits at #14 on the Kindle Top 100 Free list - amazing to me.

BUT I know that she would be somewhere in the
dusty shelf of obscurity if not for all my friends on the Social Media. Those I know and those I don't.

Writing a book can be a lonely business. Marketing a book is a team effort. One I confess that I have been lacking in. You know the saying - pay it forward. Or one I like better  - Treat others as you would want to be treated. As authors, I believe this can be what makes or breaks our careers.

How can we help each other?
1. When we read a book - write a review for Amazon, Goodreads, Nook. Or even on your blog
2. Twitter that you enjoyed the book and give the link to Amazon (or wherever the book may be)
3. Click like on the button near the Title on Amazon
4. Link up with others that are in your genre and help one another market.
5. Never talk bad about another's book. (you know the reaping and sowing thing)

These are just some of the things I have discovered today. I am sure I will find more as the week goes on.

Liberty Belle is free on Kindle -08-01 thru 08-05 2012  don't miss out.



Standing on Edge

On the eve of the beginnings of my first big promotion,
I am reminded of the reason I am writing.

For God
To serve the reader.

God gave me the gift of story. He enhanced my imagination
to hear the ideas, the stories, the what ifs.
And gave me the joy of writing them down.
All is to His glory.

The reader.
Those individuals who pick up my book, digital or paper, and give
their time to slide into the story.
For them, I want their time to be worthwhile, enjoyed, learn a few things
but mainly after finishing the book, I hope they 
leave feeling better for having read the story.

Again All to His glory.

When I began this writing adventure, the Lord told me
"Keep your heart and mind toward Me."
Humbled and thankful I
keep that as my goal.


Liberty Belle on Petticoats and Pistols July 7th

Papillon Jacs can barely tear his eyes from Liberty Belle, but he wants to see the interview on Petticoats and Pistols blog on Saturday July 7th.
Join us.

Come on over and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Liberty Belle.
I'll meet you at Petticoats and Pistols.

Set in 1859 Denver, Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness. A jilted bride, a wayward sheriff, a small boy, outlaws, and a gallows, provide
plenty of action, romance, and hope.


Win a copy of Liberty Belle

Leave a comment on my interview with Debbie Lynn Costello on her Blog - 
The Sword and The Spirit.

I'll meet you over at the Sword and the Spirit.


On the Radio Today!

Today at 1:30, Liberty Belle and I are going to be on the radio,
Award winning author, Lena Nelson Dooley,  will do interview.
Can't wait. 

Gate Beautiful Blog Talk Radio Show.

 Put it on your calendar. Thursday June 21, 2012  @  1:30.


Why I read Christian Novels

Liberty Belle                               Mary's Blessing by Lena Nelson Dooley
Product Details       Product Details

The Chase   by DiAnn Mills

Product DetailsAnd so many more. Good books full of realistic characters, realistic challenges, and hope. AS a Christian I have been encouraged, learned valuable lessons by reading what the characters go through and their reactions, good and bad, to their circumstances. I have been drawn closer to the Lord. And all by reading fictional accounts of characters.

Story is strong.
In the article Are our brains wired to enjoy stories? by Olivia Mitchell, she states that we like stories to learn about other people. Who hasn't been to a lecture and  be nearly droned to sleep when you hear the speaker launch into an anecdote, a story, and not only your head but those around you pop up?

We love stories. 
In the past, cultures survived by telling stories to their young and in so doing kept their way of life. The Bible says to pass down to the generations all that the Lord has done. Not in a boring lecture but through story.

Words are powerful.
God spoke creation into existence by His Word. The written word sticks in our minds. I don't want to read stories full of perverse language, sexual acts, or graphic violence. Some say you can just skip over those, but the brain is a marvelous organ and I believe picks up things we don't realize and tucks them away. In short, I don't want brain pollution. We get enough on TV and movies.

Untapped source for Christians 
If you know someone who is going through a trying time, search out the Christian novels and you are sure to find one that will comfort and help your friends. Story can reach others, it's not personal and can go through the filters people put up to defend themselves.

People love stories. We can learn from them and strengthen our faith. I am not saying that we should never read a book that is not from the Christian section, but I am saying how blessed I have been in reading wonderful stories from a Christian world view.

Try some and see if you don't enjoy them as well.


Liberty Belle is off and running!

Now available on Amazon Kindle and in a few days in print.

Hope you'll give her a chance and enjoy the read!

Set in 1859 Denver, Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness. A jilted bride, a wayward sheriff, a small boy, outlaws, and a gallows, provide
plenty of action, romance, and

Liberty Longstreet was left at the altar, but that wasn’t the worst of her day. She awakens to the fact that she needs to declare independence from her controlling mother. Wanting her freedom and to find a man of her choosing, Libby leaves home for faraway Denver. She just doesn't count on being robbed, falling for a wayward sheriff, or being accused of 

Sheriff Wade Calder throws down his badge in a quest for revenge. Instead, he takes responsibility for his enemy’s young son. Wanting only to be free, Wade runs into Libby, and she wins what is left of his heart. Unfortunately, he has nothing to offer her until he picks up his badge. His honor is restored, but it may cost Libby her

Together they learn the cost of freedom
 and the wealth of forgiveness.



I woke up this morning with the revelation that Liberty Belle is being published Independently and not self-pubbed. And how ironic that I am breaking out of the controlled world of traditional publishing into the wide open field of Indie Publishing, and Liberty Belle is about a woman seeking her own independence from a controlling mother.

Some things you just can't make up. LOL

I am not against traditional publishers or agents. The publishing industry is in transition. But right now, I see this tremendous opportunity, for authors, and I am taking it. 

Yes, that entrepreneurial spirit lives strong in me. I've never been accused of conforming to the norm. Tradition has never excited me.

But I love to think of the explorers who sailed across the ocean, not sure of what they'd find, but sure that they had to go. The pioneers who looked west and saw a land of opportunity. Yes, and again I say, yes. That same thirst for the adventure of the unknown flows in my blood. 

In the book, Liberty Belle, the main character, Liberty Longstreet, seeks her independence and  finds it is not as easy as it looks. Freedom is not free. I know this. But I am willing to take the risk, learn on my feet, and go after the wide open spaces of Indie Publishing.

You betcha, I'm excited.


The Lady is Almost Ready.

Liberty Belle - Pub Date June 1, 2012

She is almost ready for her debut. Like so many Southern belles, she just couldn't get everything together for May, but she promised she'd be ready for her June 1, 2012 entrance into the published world. 

Keep in contact and I'll let you know when Liberty Auraria Longstreet is ready.

She's been through quite a lot of prodding and probing, cutting and additions, but she is excited to tell her story. And what a story she has to tell. 

Ooops, have to go. That to-do list is calling.

And the Edit Goes On ...


I love to edit, I love to edit, I love to edit.
I love to edit!

Oh what fun!  Don't ask me how I learned this, but if you change a number on your chapters at the start of the book - AND you have your book in chapter files - (chapter 1 is a file, 2 is a file ...) DO NOT renumber from the beginning. Start at the back to keep sane.

Otherwise you will find yourself with 2 chapter 13s, 14s .... and double the trouble.


AND yes, Liberty Belle is on schedule to go out in MAY 2012.

Updates coming as soon as I finish this edit.

Good news - boy have I learned a lot! And learned I have a lot more to learn. Which makes me very happy since I am confident, I will not be bored anytime soon.

Picked up my Polishing the "Pugs" book by Kathy Ide.  Why oh why did I not pay attention in English? I fear my restrictive clauses are scratching my predicates.


Oh well, where is that red pen?

Try Auto Crit



Yes, I have been sent to the letter strewn land of EDITLAND. This site has helped. A lot! I like it so much I have become an affiliate because I believe this is what so many writers have been waiting for. Try it out. And if you like it, tell them I sent you.


Laying Down on the Job

My writing pup, JACS laying down on the job.
Ugh! I have missed several weeks. I will have to get onto my writing pup, JACS. But I am in the chair, editing my heart out, and preparing Liberty Belle for her debut in May.

Still on track and should get her ready by then. I guess I will tempt my writing friend with a biscuit. Then maybe he'll get up and work.

Hmm, wonder how those taste?

Ah, back to the edit page.

Bend in the Road

You're going along, marching toward your goals, when all of a sudden the road takes a turn and you are set back. What looked like an easy goal suddenly looks unreachable. Detours come. 

So what do you do? 

Keep on going. Go back to the last thing you knew to do. What direction did the Lord give you? How many pages to write or edit? 

If you fell behind, forget it and move forward. Keep going. Press on toward the mark. Maybe you didn't make your goals last week, so make them today.

Focus for the goal ahead. Detours happen. But keep going and you'll get back on track.
You can do this!




Words are the clay the writer works with to mold ideas, stories, and articles that will impact others. Also the paint that colors the mood, setting, and action of a story. Vocabulary is important. It's the difference between your character walking across the street or shuffling, stumbling, limping. 

Each of those words offers a different picture in the minds of your readers. 

Writers want to find the best word to fit their sentences. But sometimes those words hide. Play on the tip of our minds, lurking in plain sight while staying just out of reach.

Aha! We have tools, treasure chests of words that we can dive into and search for just that right word.

The Thesaurus. Every writer should have one or more.

Also have a good dictionary. I have one that displays the date the word came into use. Very useful for those writing historicals. (Once I had a character taking a nosedive off her horse. Ooops. Nosedive came about because of the airplane. Definitely not a fixture in the old west : ) 

There are Flip Dictionaries
Picture Dictionaries

One source I found online is:   Visual Thesaurus. A useful tool that shows you a web of related words. The Vocabgrabber allows you to make a list of the words you use in a chapter. Very helpful in finding those pet words that latch onto your mind and plop themselves into your story time and time and time again.

Start flexing your vocab abs. Read lists of active verbs to help your mind create unique sentences and get out of the rut of overused plain words.

My goal - Refresh my brain with 100 words a week. Not necessarily new words, but those I haven't used in a while. Let your mind play. 

Happy Word Hunting!


Monday Motivation

"The distance is nothing; it's only the first step that is difficult." Marquise du Deffand 

It's Monday! A new day, beginning of a new work week. So what are your goals? Are you working on finishing your book? Chapter? Editing? 

Like the quote for the day says, it's that first step, word, page that is the hard one. Determine to start. Sit down and tap those keys. Trust the process! The story is there, waiting to be unveiled. But so often, the first word stalls, sticks its little curly q's against the doorway, and refuses to go down on black and white.

What is a writer to do?

Push that word out! Threaten to skip over the offending letters and go onto to the next word, sentence, scene! Determine to the four walls, your computer, the dreaded game, that you are going to write . Period.
So there.

All it takes is one. One word to get started. Soon you'll have a sentence, a paragraph, ...

WE are writers and we write.

Set a goal for the day. And persevere until you meet it. Then the next day, stretch that goal.
For Monday's Motivation - what is your goal today, the week, and month.

Be as specific as you can. That way you'll know you accomplished your goal.

What are mine? Well, humm, guess I better come up with some. Here goes:

  • Edit three chapters today, twelve for the week, finish the book by the end of Feb.
  • Write a chapter this week on the new WIP, 
Ok, I've done it. Now, for that first word. 

Bring it on!

For More  Quotes from Inspirational Quotes


Treasure Hunting

Did you know Amazon has an Indie Book Store?
Along with being able to have our books rub shoulders with those traditionally born novels, our books can stand tall in their own bookstore on Amazon.

I discovered it today by Googling Indie Books.

Amazon's Indie Book Store

I know, we've all been told and told and told how the Indie book craze will result in a multitude of horrid books being published. But you know what? There will be treasures that slipped through the traditional publishers fingers for a myriad of reasons. Too long, doesn't fit a genre, author is unknown, author doesn't have a platform.

So grab your shovels, and let's go treasure hunting. Let's see what we can find. Check in and let us know if you found a wonderful Indie book. Let's spotlight these jewels.

Go intrepid writers. You have a story to tell and a story that needs to be read. Make it the best you can and get it out there.

Until next week, she said as she donned her Indie Jones felt hat, cracked her whip, and delved into the depths of the Indie Book world.


Who are you going to listen to?

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch Painter 

More words of encouragement

There is the pesky voice of the enemy who tells you "you can't do it. You're no good. You will fail." Good news is that he is a liar. So take heart if you hear these words. 

The best thing you can do is to continue. Keep  writing, painting, sketching, whatever your heart's desire is, do it. Don't stop. When you hear the words of defeat, do more. 

And be aware that the enemy can use more than just your own mind. He can also arrange for you to hear these word come from family, friends, and trusted coworkers. And if we are honest we must admit, that we have been used by the same enemy to discourage others.

So determine the course you have set. Understand that there is an enemy who wants you to fail. Even more understand the Lord desires for you to succeed. And guard your mouth that you are a messenger of hope and encouragement. And guard your heart from the discouragement.

You can do this. You can. Really. One step, one letter, one sentence at a time. You can.


To Go Indie or Not?

I'm standing in a long, and I mean looong, line. But only a few, maybe 60 out of thousands, will make it through the door. As I stand  between the narrow ropes keeping the line straight, I look to the side and see wide-open fields. Opportunity begs me to come. Promises me nothing other than to be free and risk the journey. I may win the prize or may wind up beaten. But I'll be free to venture into the new frontier. The land of Indie-publishing. 

Yep, I jumped the fence. The allure of uncharted trails too much for my entrepreneurial spirit to deny. The publishing industry is entering its own unknown territory. With the E-book revolution, nothing will remain as it was in the book world.

Are there pitfalls, dangers lurking for the intrepid author as they wield their pens against the overgrown grass of opportunity gone wild? You betcha. Going Rogue comes at a price.

But you can't beat freedom. Liberty is not a padded-wall life, but it is for those who look into the distant future, who long for open roads, and fight for their freedom.

Go For It.  If you dare.

So far, I have my front cover.
Am working on editing the book and establishing my author platform.

Is it at times daunting?  Yes. But as I look ahead, the rush of freedom brushes the fears aside. With the Lord before me, I run. I run the race set before me.

I'll check in next week and let you know how my intrepid journey is going.

God is Good!


You can do it, Monday!

I think I can, I think I can....
Remember that little book of the little train?
Start the day proclaiming that you can do it! Don't let the naysayers get an edge. Begin knowing that you've been given this day and along with it, the Lord has given you what you need to accomplish your goals.

So, what are your goals? Do you have any?

I am usually very goal challenged. I write by the Seat-of-my-pants and tend to live that way. But I am entering into a new chapter in my life. And I have things I need to accomplish.
Goals of the week

  • Edit 10 chapters on Liberty Belle
  • Write 3 chapters on my new WIP
I can do this. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Next Monday - I'll let you know how I did.

"A goal is a dream with a deadline."
~ Napoleon Hill


The Publishing Road

Just where am I on this road to publishing?

I do have 4 books finished. At least they have 'The End' attached to the last page.
Of course they all need their final editS and that is edit with a capital S.
I want them to be the best that I can make them.

The first book jumping out of the computer and into publish land, is Liberty Belle.
As you can see, I have the front cover finished thanks to  Delia Latham. She was a pleasure to work with.

But what do I have to do now? This very day?

So, beside working on my blog, I am going to have a quiet Saturday afternoon with Liberty Longstreet, Aunt Flora, and of course Sheriff Wade Calder. I'll let them tell me a thing or two that will enhance and tighten their story.

Till next week.

Things I will need to do before I publish Liberty Belle:

  • of course finish the edit
  • line up endorsements
  • reviews
  • blog interviews
  • formatting for E-pub
  • finish back cover of book
  • Pray
  • Pray a lot

God is Good


I am embarking on the great E-pub journey. My first book - Liberty Belle - will hit the cybershelf in May, 2012

There were many reasons to jump the traditional fences of the traditional publishing route.

  • I am not traditional  : )
  • I love my freedom
  • I believe the Lord has directed me on this path (really the number one reason)
  • Ability to be published this year rather than waiting - waiting - waiting
Keep in touch and I'll update my blog on what I learn about the process.