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Today at 1:30, Liberty Belle and I are going to be on the radio,
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Why I read Christian Novels

Liberty Belle                               Mary's Blessing by Lena Nelson Dooley
Product Details       Product Details

The Chase   by DiAnn Mills

Product DetailsAnd so many more. Good books full of realistic characters, realistic challenges, and hope. AS a Christian I have been encouraged, learned valuable lessons by reading what the characters go through and their reactions, good and bad, to their circumstances. I have been drawn closer to the Lord. And all by reading fictional accounts of characters.

Story is strong.
In the article Are our brains wired to enjoy stories? by Olivia Mitchell, she states that we like stories to learn about other people. Who hasn't been to a lecture and  be nearly droned to sleep when you hear the speaker launch into an anecdote, a story, and not only your head but those around you pop up?

We love stories. 
In the past, cultures survived by telling stories to their young and in so doing kept their way of life. The Bible says to pass down to the generations all that the Lord has done. Not in a boring lecture but through story.

Words are powerful.
God spoke creation into existence by His Word. The written word sticks in our minds. I don't want to read stories full of perverse language, sexual acts, or graphic violence. Some say you can just skip over those, but the brain is a marvelous organ and I believe picks up things we don't realize and tucks them away. In short, I don't want brain pollution. We get enough on TV and movies.

Untapped source for Christians 
If you know someone who is going through a trying time, search out the Christian novels and you are sure to find one that will comfort and help your friends. Story can reach others, it's not personal and can go through the filters people put up to defend themselves.

People love stories. We can learn from them and strengthen our faith. I am not saying that we should never read a book that is not from the Christian section, but I am saying how blessed I have been in reading wonderful stories from a Christian world view.

Try some and see if you don't enjoy them as well.