Things Left to Do


The practice of putting off things that need to be done. 

The picture is of onions that survived last year's garden attempt. I guess next year there will be oodles of little onions.

If I remember to look at the right time, I might have a field of onions. 

Ugh, I have been a master procrastinator. Working on that. Now. 

There is power in now. Knowing now and doing now. 

So my strategy is to do the one thing that confronts me. If I see a piece of paper on the floor, pick it up. If I think the floor needs to be vacuumed then I get out the vacuum and do it. 

Easy right?

Well, ask me next year when the onions should begin to grow.


Staying True

The cover for the next story in the Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick Series is taking shape, thanks to Jackie Castle.

The last book, Redeeming Lilly, was a little different from all the others. Some people have loved it ~ others not. 

And that is ok. Can't please everyone.

But there is One, I write for. 

I tried to make Redeeming Lilly follow along like the other stories, but she wasn't supposed to.

And now, writing Lady and the Scamp, I can see why. I'm finding it's important to let the stories play out and be what they are destined to be.


Writing is a profession wrought out of faith and trust. 

I love the process of writing a story. I'm thankful to the Lord for giving me the stories. And very thankful for every reader who reads them.

Rejoice in the Lord, for HE is the author and finisher of our faith.



I love wildflowers. 
Those beautiful creations of a loving Creator that pop up and give joy to anyone who wants to notice
Different colors, shapes, and sizes,
they brighten the landscape.

A nuisance to some, 
a delight to others. 

Kind of like people.
Take time to enjoy the flowers 
And those people the 
Lord plants around you.

NO Comparison!

The comparison trap.

We've all been there done that. And it never ends well. When peeking over at your neighbor, friend, loved one, even your competition, and comparing their success or material possessions with your lack thereof ~ you are really telling God He has failed.
Then there are the sour grapes.

And sour grapes make such a fine whine!

For there is no lack in God. He owns it all and would gladly give us what we need if we would ask with a pure heart and be capable of handling it. And even then He is God and knows what is best.

Instead of comparing, rejoice with others that they are having success, got a new car, or their life is going well. For when we can truly help one another and rejoice at their success, we might just be taking a step in the direction that will free up our own.


Scars ~ We all have them

Scars ~ A sight of past trauma.

This tree was struck by lightning. Amazing that it wasn't blown apart, but it received a glancing blow that left a mark on the tree.

Its bark is marred, yet, the tree lives.

All of us have scars. Some are on the surface. Others run deep and are often more damaging.

You've all seen them, been them. Those who are too quick to back away from friendship. Those who present a prickly front to protect themselves from hurt.

The angry, distant, prickly, and embarrassingly shy~ all giving proof of buried scars. Hurts from the past that all too often take captive that person into the lie that their unseemly behavior will protect them from further hurt.

But as lies often do, it works in reverse and deepens the hurt and causes them to believe that they are unworthy.

Even Jesus, the Son of God, has scars.

So be like this tree. Bare your scars. Acknowledge the lightning struck, but that it didn't kill you. Call on our Savior, the Lord of all, who knows the lash of betrayal, the beatings by angry people, the unbelief of trusted friends, and allow Jesus to touch your scar. To heal you from the hurt and allow you to be set free from the prison of bitterness and self-hatred.

Be free, my friends. Live and grow and blossom despite the scars.

Jeremiah 30:17 
 For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord.


May Surprise

Hearts of the West

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