Are you looking?

I am on an adventure through the Bible in a year. Today, I read Genesis 4-7. The thing that impressed me today was Eve. Although part is about Cain and Able, it is Eve's statement after the birth of Seth that intrigues me. She said "For God hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. " Eve was looking for her redemption. She remembered the promise the Lord gave her about her seed. That her seed would bruise the serpent's head. She saw in Seth the qualities she'd seen in Abel. Acceptance by God. The line of her redeemer. The line through which Jesus came.

So today. are you looking? Are you watching for the Redeemer? Do you recognize the acceptable year of the Lord? Are you watching and praying for His return?

Eve recognized the promise even though it was thousands of years away. One thing we do know, Jesus is coming. Whether today, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, are you looking for Him?


Eternal Day

Oh happy day! I was thinking about our life here on earth. What's it about? What's the point? As I considered the questions, I had a glimpse of the day as an eternal day. Every word is recorded, God sees all we do, and our actions recorded. We'll see it all in heaven.

Whatever we do this day -- is eternal.

Puts an importance to every minute doesn't it?

Unlike the world that is stuck in a groundhog day existence of run and run only to do it all over tomorrow, the children of God--those who follow Jesus, the heirs with Christ--have set before them a day of destiny and eternity. Praise the Lord that He is with us. Never to leave us or forsake us.

So go forth into this Eternal Day and praise the Living God who will have His way.


Are You Ready?

And I don't mean for football.

I believe we are living in the times of the ten virgins. Do you have oil? Are you prepared?
I ask these questions to myself, and the truth is--I am not sure. Oh I believe in Jesus, but am I ready? Am I to be counted with the wise?

These are the questions we are to wrestle with--the purpose and goals that need to be given attention. The world and the ways of the world come crashing over us to dissuade us from what is truly important.

Stir your hearts to seek the One who can save, give wisdom, and guide us through the storm that is coming.

Watch and pray!

I found a site about the Parable of the Ten Virgins -- take a look. Not sure of this site, but I liked his take on this parable.


Rain and watching skin flicks : )

Today, in Texas, in August, it is raining. A wonderful day to write. Create. I can hear the earth open up, drink, and say "awww." I love the promise of cooler temps and greener grass. Life renewed.

The skin flicks? Don't worry, I've not gone to the dark side. It's the Olympics! Soo much skin and so little uniforms. But what an inspiration to get in gear and strive to be the best writer I can be. Go for the Gold.

Reminds me of the Apostle Paul and his verses about running the race. Too often I find myself sitting in the stands sipping root beer floats and forgetting to run. For all of us have a race set before us. Some are sprints, others marathons. But the call to run the race is given. So run, don't look back or to the side, but forward to Jesus and His promises.

Run your race!


Where have I been?

Whew, I push back the cobwebs and enter the dark room. A spider runs into the Shack : ) No No, that was the last post. Where have I been? Good question. Seems all I have to do is say "I am going to..." and whatever it was --the opposite will happen. I will write on my blog every week. Didn't happen, sorry.
So much for will power. But I am back now. Have wonderful news regarding two nonfiction books that I am writing. Things I Learned on the Way to the Last Page and Writing -- It's Your Business. They are self-published. Another new thing to learn and do : )

Things I Learned on the Way to the Last Page--I included things I wished I had known when I started writing my first book. Great book for a beginner and anyone who has trouble finishing a book. Also some useful tips on using the computer. EX: How to go from Chapter 2 to Chapter 10 with a click of your mouse.

Writing--It's Your Business--this is for anyone who has decided to get serious with their writing career. I've included forms and worksheets to help you document your writing, times and expenses. Business plans and goals need to be written and your strategy to be a career writer explained. Good for any writer to get focused and prove to the tax man you're not a hobby.


The Shack or is it Shacking up with the Enemy!

When I first saw the book, The Shack, at Barnes & Noble, I wanted to get it. Yay! a book about Christianity being pushed in a mainstream bookstore. Or so I thought. I picked up the book, and for some reason decided not to buy it. I hadn't heard anything about it, but something just didn't set right in my spirit. So I didn't buy it. I continued to look at it whenever I was in the bookstore, but didn't trust it.

On a trip to Colorado, I saw the book at the Focus on the Family headquarters bookstore as well as the bookstore in the NAV Press headquarters. The book must be all right, I thought. Surely, these bastions of the faith wouldn't promote a bad book.

I got home and bought the book. BOY WAS I WRONG!

And that is what has disturbed me more than anything. Since then I see that the 700 Club has promoted it, as well as other organizations I respected. Hmmm. Either I am whacked or the enemy has slipped in unnoticed under the guise of a good story that brings readers to tears as it plays with their feelings as well as their beliefs.

I'm feeling like I have spotted a dangerous flood coming our way and am shouting "watch out for the flood," but most just stare at me like I'm all wet.

In these days, last days I believe, we are warned of a great delusion. After I read half the book, I put it down and that is the word I heard from the Lord -- Delusion.

I'm sorry to say that I did finish reading the book. It got worse not better.

I am not a scholar and have no desire to study The Shack to point out its errors. I have learned that I must run to the Word of God and soak in His truth and trust in His Holy Spirit. I shouldn't have bought the book. Sorry I did. I don't need to fill my brain with error.

I don't think Jesus, God the Father, or the Holy Spirit need to be repackaged to be sold. We're warned not to teach or believe any other gospel or any other Jesus.

Test the spirits


Bless ME, Bless others

Bless the Lord oh my soul.

A command, a joy and everything in between.
Especially when we don't feel like it. He is always with us. He will never leave us. And regardless of how it looks -- He is there- to catch us, console us, encourage us, and most of all Love us.

With that in mind. Bless others.

And the Lord would say:
Bless ME and bless others and the blessings will flow in your own life.

Go Forth

Okay, it's His Word Tuesday and I have to confess - I didn't seek Him until tonight. Not exactly my plan. But I am determined to seek the Lord and do His will. I do get tired. Wimpy, I know. so I asked Him what to do.

He asked me who told me I didn't have energy. Then said Why do you ask that which you can feel and see instead of My Word?The Joy of the Lord is your strength. He that waits on the Lord will mount up as of wings of eagles. Though he run, he will not grow weary. though he walk will not faint. The Word of the Lord is truth.

He went on to tell me that boredom is the biggest thief of time and energy. Boredom comes from an unfocused life filled with seeming entertainment--not living but the facade of living and having a good time.

Do My will and you will have joy and strength.

GO Forth not questioning if you can, but rejoicing in the fact that you are.



I love storms. The wilder and louder the better - as long as I don't' get blown away. I would love to be a storm chaser. But since I live in Texas, I don't have to go far.

Today, an awesome storm. I have never seen it rain so hard that the trees outside were blurred away by the blowing,white-sheets of rain. And then toward the end of the storm - the sun came out. Not on the horizon, but straight up overhead in the middle of the thing. So we had driving rain and bright sunshine all at the same time.

Amazing to see the dark blue skies, brilliant yellow sunlight, and spring green grass and leaves. Supposedly we were under a tornado warning, but I didn't hear about it - too busy watching : )

I am energized and refreshed now.


His Words -- Tuesday!

Today I started journaling my praise and love for my Father in Heaven. And then I write what He has to say to me.

WOW, blessed me today.

Write My child, My daughter of letters.
And Rejoice that you are in the workhouse
of the Lord where there is no toil–only joy.

Although writing is hard work, I am filled with joy as I write, knowing that this is what I was created to do.


Tuesdays will be my His Words day.


Resurrection Day!

Praise the Risen Lord. Jesus Christ -crucified, dead, and sealed in a tomb. Until the third day. The reason for our being and continuing happened that day. Jesus is the Risen Lord. Conquering death. Preparing the way to eternity for those who believe in Him.

No other religion comes close. No other truth exists.

How do I know? Because He met me on a day that turned my life around. I wasn't into doing 'bad things' just ignorant of the truth of Jesus. I won't try and persuade anyone, for it wasn't reason that brought into His kingdom. I won't judge others (try not too:) who don't get it -I was there.

All I can tell you - if you want to know the truth, know God--Seek Him. He will meet you at the right time.

Fear not For He lives now and Forevermore.


Of Race and Grace

I just listened to Barak Obama's speech concerning his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I thought the speech was awesome. Finally someone acknowledged the elephant in the living room of American life.

Racial prejudice is still alive, hiding between the lines of all the politically correct language and niceties demanded by it. Evil lurks in the shadows, but once truth is shined on it, it must flee. I hope Barak's light helps to send the evil away.

But the Light that is required is the Love of God. Jesus alive in the hearts of His people who know that Grace has set them free. And only by seeing others through His Grace can we rise above the evil of prejudice.

God Bless America and help remind us that our greatness is because His Grace shines on us.

By the way -- I believe the Lord told me that Barak Obama is the man - the next President.
Not exactly what my Republican ears wanted to hear. But it is what I believe.


Back on Track

What track?

The sleek fast rails to get published, in shape-spiritually and physically, and get my house clean. Might have those in the wrong order come to think of it.

First step -- write the vision plainly and clearly so that I can see it whenever I am tempted to jump track. A verse in Haggai. Have to look that up.

Diet - drink less cokes. Yes, here in Texas cokes can be anything from Coca Cola, Dr, Pepper to orange or Root beer. Anyway - limit myself to one a day. Ouch - I love the stuff - it is what my brain thinks of when thirst is mentioned.

Exercise - Move the body. I can even do housework and kill two birds with one action. (have to avoid those cliches)

Spiritual - pray, read His Word. Go back to journaling my heart to my Loving Father in Heaven and write His answers to me.

Writing - Write every day. set a goal -- Maybe 10 pages. (Hate the maybe part) Okay ten pages a day.

Whew. better stop this and get going.


Digging out from under the Debris

Whew! Amazing how much falls apart when you're sick for a few days. So today I am digging out from under the debris of undone - need to do - better do it- stuff. Washing clothes, Doing dishes, Making dinner, Catching up on eMail, ...

Ta Da -- I successfully hooked my printer to my laptop. After an hour of frustration - I go the thing to print!! I consider that a major project accomplished for the day.

Now to conquer the dishes and kitchen - Forward March>
And the clothes.

And to exercise

and to eat better

Ugh, I can do this, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can : )


Not Grown Up But Born Again!!

Part three of me-since there is a Me, myself and I--there must be three parts. So to go with the Sergeant Shultz and Peter Pan parts there is the awesome redeemed part - Born again filled with the Holy Spirit and thankful to be a child of the Living God.

Not by anything I have done, but only by the blood of my risen Lord - Jesus Christ. He is the One who gives life meaning and the promise of life eternal. Through Him I live and breath.
I'm not perfect, but through Jesus I have been perfected.

I desire to do all things as unto the Lord. have fallen short, but am getting back up.

Praise the LORD!


Now for the Peter Pan Side of My Life's Philosophy!

I finished my lunch and wanted something sweet. Out of chocolate, I chose the only sweet thing I could find. A Popsicle!! I'd already eaten my favorite grape and red and had the choice of orange or green. About to pick the safe orange one, I changed the course of my fingers and grabbed for the green.

Green Popsicles! What a takeback to childhood and carefree summers spent lounging under a shade tree and licking a Popsicle before it melted, dripping on your fingers and onto your toes. But who cares, that's what the sprinkler was for : )

So I enjoyed the spring-green Popsicle. Licked the tangy taste and reveled in the fact that I have yet to grow up!!!


My Sergeant Shultz Philosophy of Life

Remember Sergeant Shutlz from Hogan's Heroes? His line was I know nothing! It seems the older I get and the more things I think I know -- when I get it figured out in my mind -- I know nothing!

I know stuff, or would that be of stuff. Can't know everything about anything. Once at Barnes & Nobles, I laughed at the title of a book in their big cheap book aisle.
The title >The Complete History of the World -- Well, excuse me, I don't think the world has ended so how could it be complete?

I am at my wisest when I say I don't know? According to Proverbs, even fools look wise if they keep quiet. How many times has someone asked you a question about another person? And we answer what we think but as we all too often discover--what we think is often not the truth. Or things aren't always as they seem. And what do we really know about anyone else, much less ourselves?

So be pleasantly surprised by the goodness of others and remember that The Complete History hasn't been written about us yet. And only God knows the complete history.

Be wise - if you don't really know, then you really don't know!


Wednesday Verse

Gal 5:6 . . .The only thing that counts is FAITH expressing itself through LOVE. (NIV)

Reading the Bible this morning I came on this verse. Perfect for the theme for one of my books. It's always amazing when a verse jumps out at you. I know I've read it before, but today I saw it.

God packs more meaning in one sentence, than man can in thousands of books. And what an appropriate verse for today's climate. Faith is not a club to beat others over the head with. Faith is not a license for pride.

Today, rejoice in the gift of our faith, for it is given to us by a loving God. And then let your faith unfold by loving others.

Have a blessed day!


New Year! New Day! New Focus! New Start!

Okay--No apology. Just starting over : )

What have I been doing?
Writing and loving it. I was made to do this and it is such a joy and worship to actually do the very thing God created me to do. I am living the life I have dreamed of. And all thanks to a loving God. I'm not questioning why me and not others, but am running the race set before me.
I love writing!!

I have entered three in the Genesis contest with ACFW. And am excited. I have learned so much in the past year. Hopefully, my writing shows it. Will keep you posted in the updates for the books.

Currently there are three that I am working on - make that four. They take on a life of their own and I am ever amazed at the creative process. Totally a gift from the Creator.

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