At the End of the Day

Birds flit branch to branch to find their nighttime perch.
Calling and tweeting they call out the alarm,
Hurry, sundown approaches.

The winds die down and the water calms.
Mirror still the pond reflects the failing light.
Hurry, sundown approaches.

Night birds call, beast of the dark ready for the prowl
And the world hunkers down.
to wait.
For the Son
Come, Lord Jesus


Why I Write

     Greta's Story            Maggie's Story            Matt's Story

The Mail Order Brides of Black Horse Mesa is my latest series. I enjoyed writing each one of these novellas. They are perfect for the short read in an afternoon or for reading between errands and appointments.

But why do I write?

I love stories that encourage and entertain and of course end HEA - Happily-ever-after. And the more I write, the more I am amazed by the process.

Sometimes a name or situation pops into my head. Sometimes the story begins with a picture. And then away I go. I love the adventure of discovering the story. Often the conflict sets up as a series of fronts that collide to make the perfect storm. Then it's a matter of letting the characters play out the troubles they find themselves in to come to a satisfying end.

And those characters! More often than not, they surprise me. One day in a meeting with my proofreader while she was going over Maggie's story and I was writing Matt's story, she looked at me and said. "Big John knows something."

I looked over my computer screen at her and said, "He does?"

She stared over her glasses at me. "Yes, you can tell when someone's experienced things."

We started laughing because of course, these are imaginary characters. But when I looked at what I was writing in Matt's Story, I knew exactly what Big John had gone through and it needed to go in the exact spot where I was writing.

I can picture my characters rolling their eyes at their author and how slow she might be at times.

There are many more stories standing in line and waiting for me to write. I hope you enjoy them. Although, I almost hesitate to say they are mine, I'm just the author who is blessed to tell them.

Have a blessed day.
Patricia PacJac Carroll