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Introducing a New Collection I am in ~ Warm Mulled Kisses

I have a story in this collection.  Warm Mulled Kisses
ONLY  .99

Ten Christmas novellas by ten different authors. Step on in and read sweet stories of faith, hope, and humor. Contemporary and historical, you can find just what you're looking for and spend a few hours or days enjoying these great stories.
Reindeer Games - by multi-published author Lisa Crane 
Luke Anderson is only at the mall as a favor to his sister and her two children. A modern-day Cinderella story with a twist of mistletoe, Reindeer Games will have you laughing and sighing. 

No Thank You - by multi-published author Lena Nelson Dooley 
Social Director Scarlett McKaye loves planning things down to the last detail. But what she doesn't count on is having to spurn the bold advances of a reckless suitor. How far will daredevil Derrick Greene have to go to cancel Scarlett's reservations?

A Riveting Christmas - by multi-published author Jackie Castle 
In 1945, Charles Madison returns home from WWII full of hope and a fistful of sweet-scented letters from his childhood friend and girl of his dreams. Emma Rose Carter fought her own war while the men were away. Will she find her heart’s desire in her ol’ pal Chuck or in the ambitious factory boss who promises to sweep her off her feet?

Christmas Apples - by multi-published author J. A. Marx, and debut author Sydnie Shreffler 
Bailey Chapman's son asks for only one gift for Christmas—a daddy. Mason Tolman hasn't forgiven himself for the accident that almost killed his high school sweetheart. Can an old estate hold treasures that will change the future of the entire town and merge their mismatched paths into one?

Santability - by debut author Marilyn Eudaly 
Radio Personality Trudy Moore needs to impress the new owners of K-FOLK radio with her Santability promotion. Gunnar Stone is the corporate vice president and appears to be a grinch stealing the joy out of the Christmas season. Her career and future blurred by hurtful words, Trudy is caught between condemnation and forgiveness. 

Saving Christmas - by multi-published author Patricia PacJac Carroll 
In 1868, Priscilla Christmas Humphry stares at the bleak street of Al Drado, Texas. It has none of the holiday look of Baltimore. Rancher Steve Matthews isn’t really looking for a wife, but there is just something about Priscilla. A fun story of twists and turns and father knows best. 

The Gift Quilt - by debut author Kathy Wall 
Ashley McDonald intends to bury her guilt by becoming a medical missionary. Dr. Michael Davis is ready to start a family but needs a woman in his life. Learning the truth of the gift quilt opens Ashley’s world to new possibilities, but could it also provide the answer to Michael’s dreams for a family? 

No-L, No-L, No-L - by multi-published author Marji Laine 
When her father announces his retirement, Noelle Arcoli fully expects to be promoted to the head of the company. Instead, he presses her to settle down and raise a family. In an awkward moment, Nick Bannister learns he has been picked for the position. Could he hold the answer to her problems? 

A Groom for Christmas - by multi-published author Anne Greene 
Set in 1851, Felicity Daniels is stranded in Ft. Laramie, but she is determined to go on to the Oregon Territory. Ben Bonneville is committed to panning for gold to pay his mother’s medical debts. But after living for the past two months at Sal’s Boarding House, he’s become attracted to Felicity.

A Christmas Mosaic - by debut author Karen Jurgens 
Carlie Livingston is steering into her last year of college, confident that she and Lance Holloway are headed to the altar after graduation. Her dad’s infidelity caused her parents to walk through a messy divorce. Read and see how things work out or not.