I love Summer, and it's time for a Summer Deal Day.

I love Summer, and it's time for a Summer Deal Day.

The Judge's Bride is FREE July 5-9, 2019.

Enjoy this sweet story set in 1881 Montana. 

Two years after being widowed, Rachel’s only hope of keeping her family together is to go west to Montana as a mail order bride.
Judge Solomon Taggart is a success with the valley’s largest ranch and gold, but he’s also alone with no one to enjoy it with or leave it to. A mail-order bride just might be his answer.

Add in two families engaged in a feud and you’ve got trouble in the valley.

GET it FREE NOW July 5-9, 2019

Montana Brides Series is getting 3 new books.

Sarah Coming out July 10th

Sarah is Book 5 ~ Sarah has put away her doubts and knows Matt is the one for her. She's also received her letter regarding her intent to teach schools in Shirleyville. She's planning on a wedding but is Matt?
Bridgette continues her genius idea to help outlaws by splitting their rewards with them and then offering to represent them as their lawyer to get them shorter jail sentences. Oh, yeah. Her husband, Sterling, doesn't know about her scheme, but he does wonder why she picked property that backs into the badlands.
The judge and Rachel are settling in to married life, but those kids are keeping them busy.
And then there are Cassidy and Ronan. They are up to something, but no one knows quite what.
Come on back to Solomon's Valley and see what everyone is doing.
A Sweet historical romance with a few twists and turns, fun and faith, and a good time had by all.

                                    CassidComing out August 10th 

Cassidy, the wildest of the Howards, may have met her match. While she is still up to her shenanigans and part of Bridgette’s Bounty Brigade, there just might be a change coming. 
Ronan Murphy wants to keep his untamed ways, but at the same time, he likes Cassidy with him when they ride for Bridgette.
Matt Stearns has the start of his ranch. Everything is looking up. He’s mostly over Sarah, but the nights are getting lonely in his cabin. 
Sarah and Philip continue their courtship with Mr. Beasley tagging along.
The town of Shirleyville has a few storms shaking up the peace. Adler and his syndicate are making trouble for the town.
Come on back and see what is happening in Solomon’s Valley. There just might be a surprise bride for one of the young men.

Ronan's Bride Coming out Sept, 10th

Ronan’s Bride is Book 7 With anger driving him, Ronan rides away from Shirleyville to the small mining town of Orion. Fed up with not measuring up to the standards of others, he is set on making his own way. Soon, he’s caught up in trouble he can’t get out of, and love might just be the trap that puts him behind bars.
The town of Shirleyville is divided by the founders and the newcomers. Judge Taggart struggles to keep control of the valley. And then there are his children to worry about.
Bridgette has given up her bounty Brigade but instituted her next scheme. Some are glad some are mad. Sterling has his own battle for Independence with his relative – the Duke.
William and Darcy start their farm. Sort of.
Come on back to Montana Brides and check on all your friends. Cassidy, Bridgette, Levi and Eve, Sterling and Judge and Rachel Taggart and all their children.

Have a wonderful summer. 
Take time to enjoy the lazy days under a shade tree
with a glass of sweet tea and a good book.