Love Happens ...

Love Happens ... Even when you're older and have 10 kids.

To keep her family together, widow Rachel Dowd is forced to accept an ad for a mail order bride. In Montana. The ad said children were all right, but she didn't tell him how many.

Judge Solomon Taggart owns the biggest ranch in the valley. He's got cattle, gold, and riches. But no family. He sends off for a mail order bride. And now she's coming. 

Then there is that feud between the Murphys and the Howards. It has driven the judge and the town crazy trying to keep the two families apart.

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The Judge's Bride

What am I working on?  Book 4 of the Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley.

Bridgette  Now available on Preorder

Bridgette fancies herself Queen of Montana but is waiting for her king to arrive. She's smart and has plans to be involved in the business and government of Montana. How is another problem. An outlaw, bounty, and the judge's offer to lend her law books opens a door for her. Perhaps the duke's nephew is another.

Sterling Merritt cares little for his uncle or his title. But loves the land of Montana. And then he meets Bridgette. He wants to be a gentleman rancher but may have to go against his uncle which will cost him everything. With nothing to his name, he fears losing Bridgette.