QR Code? A little wonder for promotions

Have you seen these?  Know what they are? How to use them?

  • First thing you need to do is go to your phone and download the App for Shop Savvy
  • Next make  your QR code. HERE >   Make one for your website, your book, you!
  • Now, hold your phone up and let it scan the picture above and it will take you to Liberty Belle on Amazon with the buy now click right there on the phone Just click by now (just kidding : ) Although if  you want a good read, you'd enjoy the click).
  • Great to put on your business cards, flyers, bumper sticker on your car, post cards of your books. 
Experiment and have fun with this nifty tool!  And sell your books the easy way.  No more meeting someone, telling them to check it out, knowing they will probably forget. Keep a picture of the code on your phone and let them scan it from your phone. 

Now they have your book buying site on their phone.  How cool is that. They won't forget.

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Robin Caroll said...

Thanks for sharing this site