As Christians, we hold the light of the world inside us. 
And the world watches us to see what that light might be.
The pressure is on. Whatever you do will be examined.
And not fairly. 

As a Christian, you will be held to a higher standard. 

So whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.
With integrity. Doing your best.
Don't succumb to the hissing temptation of the world
that would enjoy pulling your down into the mire,
destroying your witness.

As an author, I feel the weight of the gift the Lord has given.
Make the words right. Tell the story to His Glory.

And I see the temptation. Especially as an Indie Published author
I see the lure of throwing things on Amazon and Smashwords.
The more you have out there the more money you can make.

The lure is cast. The prize the illusion of making more money.

But is that why we write?
For money?

Sure, I hope to earn a decent wage. 
But first and foremost, I write for Him.
The Lord is my Provider.

Watch your light. Keep your Integrity that
His light that shines inside you
Remains untarnished by the temptations of the world.

Integrity means unity and wholeness.
Only  in Him can you maintain your Integrity.


Julie from TX said...

Your heart speaks through this post, Patty. (And nice format, too. tee hee hee)

Yvonne Pat said...

I appreciate you writing this piece. I believe as Christian authors we always need to keep uppermost in our minds, the real reason for writing.