How FUN!!

Well, my first free book promotion is over, and I had more fun than I think one is supposed to. : )

Will take some time to see if the free days pay off in any sales. But I know this, I have had a blast. And my book has been read by many who would never have seen it if it hadn't been on Kindles free days.

Thank you Amazon for providing me with a way to get my books out there.

After all, we write stories for others to read, and I hope all those who downloaded Liberty Belle enjoy the story.

I really like people, have to keep Jesus big in my heart to like some, but what an amazing experience. Most people are encouraging, helpful, and friendly.

Without friends, none of us will get far.

So just want to say a big thank you to all who downloaded Liberty Belle, to those who cheered me on, and to all those who endured my constant pestering on FB and Twitter on Wednesday.  : )

I had a blast.
Stay tuned because of COURSE I AM UP TO SOMETHING ELSE  : )

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