2010 Year of Decision

Usually I get a word for the coming year. This year - 2010 is the year of Decision. The lives of many hang in the balance - pray for hearts to turn to the One True God. The destiny of nations hang in the balance - pray for Godly wisdom and for men and women of courage. Turn into the Wind of My Spirit. Hear Me, Seek Me, Learn from Me and follow Me. Rejoice you who hunger and thirst after Me for you shall be filled and I will send you out to fill many. Prepare for the Harvest even while it is the winter months. Prepare your hearts and minds. Purify your hands and mouths. Speak My Word and deny the enemy a place. Get Ready, Prepare the instruments of the Harvest. What are the instruments of the Harvest? You - your gifts and talents. Clean them up, repair them where they are broken. Get Ready for the Great Harvest. Many will come in the hour of the Valley of Decision. Be Ready you workmen of the Lord. Be Ready to gather in the Great Harvest.


Faith Imagined said...

I am ready!

Mid Stutsman said...

Wow... what words of encouragement! Thank you for your response to my "quandary", Patricia!
I just feel like a second rate author there...who's going to interview me, who's going to say "yay" when my book comes out, who's going to name me among the published authors there? Those kind of things put me in the shadows...but maybe that's where the Lord wants me, so HE can shine!!!
sister in Christ hugs,