Rain and watching skin flicks : )

Today, in Texas, in August, it is raining. A wonderful day to write. Create. I can hear the earth open up, drink, and say "awww." I love the promise of cooler temps and greener grass. Life renewed.

The skin flicks? Don't worry, I've not gone to the dark side. It's the Olympics! Soo much skin and so little uniforms. But what an inspiration to get in gear and strive to be the best writer I can be. Go for the Gold.

Reminds me of the Apostle Paul and his verses about running the race. Too often I find myself sitting in the stands sipping root beer floats and forgetting to run. For all of us have a race set before us. Some are sprints, others marathons. But the call to run the race is given. So run, don't look back or to the side, but forward to Jesus and His promises.

Run your race!

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Anonymous said...

Patricia, DH and I were watching the Olympics, tall, thin women in tiny shorts at the time. I asked, "Do you notice how small their suits are?" He said, "Not unless I'm looking at the TV." Oh, well, in the Apostle Paul's day, the athletes competed nude. I'll bet they were all male. Any info there? Lee Carver