Are You Ready?

And I don't mean for football.

I believe we are living in the times of the ten virgins. Do you have oil? Are you prepared?
I ask these questions to myself, and the truth is--I am not sure. Oh I believe in Jesus, but am I ready? Am I to be counted with the wise?

These are the questions we are to wrestle with--the purpose and goals that need to be given attention. The world and the ways of the world come crashing over us to dissuade us from what is truly important.

Stir your hearts to seek the One who can save, give wisdom, and guide us through the storm that is coming.

Watch and pray!

I found a site about the Parable of the Ten Virgins -- take a look. Not sure of this site, but I liked his take on this parable.


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Kathie said...

It does make me wonder if I am truly ready. The end times and tribulation scare me, BUT there is a part of me that is SO excited!! Can you imagine? We get to witness to people about Him. We get to trust Him as never before. AND... WE GET TO SEE HIM COMING BACK FOR HIS BRIDE - FOR US!!!