You need to set a scehdule

It has been over a year that the Lord told me --I hate to tell you this, but you need to set a schedule. Yikes. But I have to confess, even I can see that to be effective I am going to have to come up with a strategy for my writing life.

So, The Schedule starts Monday. Everything starts on Monday -- things you don't want to do anyway. Like diets.

What will my schedule look like? Good question. But I know the Lord has good plans for me. Plans that will prosper me and lead me into the fullness of life that He has destined for me. My Goals:
  • Spend time with the Lord
  • To write - finish the proposals for the 2 books requested by an editor
  • get the house clean

Sounds easy - but for me I am going to have to break each of these down into bite-size portions or I'll give up. Praise the Lord I have Sunday to seek the Lord's guidance and will to set the schedule.

I am determined and will succeed. I know this. Watch for the updates of this writing life.

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