Weasel Words - Pests in the field of ideas and story

WEASEL words--those critters that pester the life out of your writing. And Life! They are all too familiar: Try, maybe, probably, likely, attempt, might, just

They add nothing to the ideas. Instead, they weaken the sentence. And the reader gets the notion that the writer isn't sure of the facts or story. I love the quote from Yoda in Star Wars - You either do or you do not-there is no try. How true that is. Try is a word with defeat built right in to it. After all, if you tried then it's okay if you fail. Right?

Wrong. If you keep trying-you're likely to keep failing. Do whatever it is you have your heart set on. Press on, but don't just try. Throw all you have into it - don't hold back in case of failure. Instead, embrace the journey and learn.

Go forward boldly. Don't back down and don't just try but do it with all your heart.

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