I am a Multi-Taser

Yes, A multi-taser. That is a multi-tasker without the K- the knockout - the finish. I start multiple chores, stories, anything - and leave them strewn about, languishing to be completed. The result is a house full of projects, beckoning to me, and what do I do under the demand of so many - I sit down and click the remote to find a suitable show to take me away.

So to go with my Scheduling - I am incorporating my strategy of One Thing. Putting down one thing I want to accomplish for the day. And this is a bite-sized specific thing.

Today I want to write my chapter by chapter for Down to Earth.
For my house cleaning -(as house keepers go - my house would make Martha Stewart run back to jail) This job is a week long project - clean my bedroom.

Not too bad. I can do this. Maybe(Tomorrow's blog will be on my war against weasel words) someday I can get the K back in Tasker.

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Patti Shene said...

Wow, Patricia. Not only do we share a name, but we have the same bad habits! Starting stories and never finishing them, tackling a big housecleaning project only to abandon it for an episode of Gunsmoke1 LOL! Yeah, we're on the same page girl!