Nettie's Love

I am delighted to share with you that my newest is up for Preorders and will go live on Aug. 6, 2015.

This is a sweet story of love between two who have been passed by in life. Together, they will work their ranch with various misfits they find along the way, and Nettie will take it upon herself to supply brides to the young men Reed helps.

Mail Order Brides of Misfit Ranch Bluebonnet, Texas.

Book 1 is the story of Nettie and Reed.

Nettie felt as cold as the ground her father was being laid to rest in. Always alone. Now, as the spinster sister, she was to live out her life helping her three brothers and their wives. The farm was gone. Sold by her brothers. She had nothing but the ad for a mail order bride.
Sheriff Reed Andrews stared at the paper the judge handed him. Seems the town wanted him to retire. Too old to chase outlaws they'd said. The hollow feeling in his heart told him what he already knew. He needed a wife to share the nights, to wake and see the Texas sun in the mornings, and to love. But could he convince a woman to come to Bluebonnet Texas and marry him?

Nettie's Love Sweet Historical Western Romance (Mail Order Brides of Misfit Ranch Bluebonnet, Texas.

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Sharon Williamson said...

I loved this book, when will the others come out

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Thank you, Sharon.
Book 2 is A Bluebonnet Misfit Christmas
and will be out in October.

Thanks for asking. : )