Those Rascally Stories and Their Characters

I love writing stories.

The entire process is a thrill. Yes, the edits can get tedious, but wow! I just can't imagine doing anything else.

I am a seat-of-the-pants writer. Usually, there will be a nugget, a starting place from where the stories begin, but after that, well let's just say I enjoy the ride and see where the characters will take me.

And those characters! Well, they are characters. In Liberty Belle, the spinster Aunt Flora, wrote herself into the story. Initially, I was going to have her in the first couple of chapters and that was all.

Then, Flora throws me this line - Nobody notices me, but I notice everything.

I sat back and stared at the screen. Flora had just written herself into the story, and she needed to be there.

My newest book,( available for preorder now and releases on April 30th), Redeeming Lilly, is proving to be different if not a tad difficult. She is going against the grain of everything I have been taught about the typical romance story.

I'd tell you more but don't want to ruin the surprise.  : )

Did I say that stories have a mind of their own? And they have their own timing, too. After Lilly, I'm writing the Lady and the Scamp. Now that story was not even on my radar, but as I worked on Redeeming Lilly, Lady and the Scamp cut in line in and said they were next.

And you should see the line of stories and characters awaiting their turn. Whew! I better stop here and get back to the story.

Have a blessed day!

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