Spring ~ Newness of Life


Ah, what a relief it is to see new life bursting forth from the black and white scenes of winter.

Flowers showering meadows with colors of blue and pink, red, and yellow.

Trees that stretched out bare limbs just weeks ago, now are clothed in fresh green leaves ready to capture the sunlight and allow growth.

Life!   It is wonderful and full of wonder.

Take time today to notice one outstanding flower or scene that pleases your eye and makes your heart sing.

Then Praise the Lord of Life who promises us Life Everlasting.


Cindy Jones said...

Patricia, every day you post something uplifting. Whether it is a comment on how to live and look at the day, or just an uplifting picture. If I miss it while working, I always go to your page when I get home. (I guess I'm a secret stalker of your Facebook page) I appreciate the time you take to just touch one person.

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Thanks Cindy. You made my day : )