Where I Write and What's Next

Here's a picture of the closet I turned into a mini library. Yes, the walls are turquoise and the floor brick red. But it looks good.

I call this my Fun Room.

It is here that I write my books. AND it is fun.

I sit on a couch with my laptop and travel into worlds that I make up. Going back in time to the old west and meeting characters that have stories to tell.

But WHERE do stories come from?

Writing stories amazes me.  I sit down to write, stare at the blank screen and wonder where the characters and story will take me.

I begin, pick the character who is going to show what is happening in the scene or chapter and write what I see them do, think, and feel.

And here is what I am working on now.

Redeeming Lilly 

 COMING in March

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