A New Series is Coming

Solomon's Valley                                  Set in Montana

Book 1   The Feud.

Judge Solomon Taggert is a prosperous man. But he is lonely. Thoughts of ordering a bride have tempted him. The cold nights settled it. 

And then there are the two feuding families he has to deal with.

The Murphys : Ben - a rowdy man as big as the mountains.
Anna - his wife. She might be small, but she's strong enough to run her wild family.
Their sons - 25 yr old, Ben, James - 23, Thomas - 21, and Ronin 18.

They are bitter enemies with the Howards. Stephen is a gentle, thoughtful man unless he's near the Murphy's. His wife Nina is a smart, capable women who sees that their family doesn't do without.
They have four daughters - Ailene - 24, Rachel - 22, Cassidy - 18, and Betsy - 16.

Their feud turns the valley and town upside down. So intense is their dislike, Judge Taggert divides the town on Saturdays when the two families do their shopping.

To make things worse, The Murphys raise cattle, but to the anger of many  in the valley, the Howards raise sheep. 

Should be a fun story of adventure, turmoil, and of course romance.

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