Treasure Hunting

Did you know Amazon has an Indie Book Store?
Along with being able to have our books rub shoulders with those traditionally born novels, our books can stand tall in their own bookstore on Amazon.

I discovered it today by Googling Indie Books.

Amazon's Indie Book Store

I know, we've all been told and told and told how the Indie book craze will result in a multitude of horrid books being published. But you know what? There will be treasures that slipped through the traditional publishers fingers for a myriad of reasons. Too long, doesn't fit a genre, author is unknown, author doesn't have a platform.

So grab your shovels, and let's go treasure hunting. Let's see what we can find. Check in and let us know if you found a wonderful Indie book. Let's spotlight these jewels.

Go intrepid writers. You have a story to tell and a story that needs to be read. Make it the best you can and get it out there.

Until next week, she said as she donned her Indie Jones felt hat, cracked her whip, and delved into the depths of the Indie Book world.

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