Bend in the Road

You're going along, marching toward your goals, when all of a sudden the road takes a turn and you are set back. What looked like an easy goal suddenly looks unreachable. Detours come. 

So what do you do? 

Keep on going. Go back to the last thing you knew to do. What direction did the Lord give you? How many pages to write or edit? 

If you fell behind, forget it and move forward. Keep going. Press on toward the mark. Maybe you didn't make your goals last week, so make them today.

Focus for the goal ahead. Detours happen. But keep going and you'll get back on track.
You can do this!

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BK said...

I'm really implementing this in 2012. I've set some very ambitious goals for myself, but also dared to give myself an ambitious reward if I achieve my 2012 goals.

But I definitely gotta keep pushing forward.