What to do in A Funk?

Well, today I fell into a bit of a funk. No big reason why, just little scratches that annoyed and pestered my mind. This is not usual for me, so it gave me something to think about. At first, I was greatly annoyed at how cheap my faith appeared to be. Here nothing really awful happened and I was in a whirl. I've been on a journey of learning to trust the Lord. And have come to realize that I need these little blasts of reality that show me that I am not the one who is taking care of business. So the still small voice conjoined with my little faith and said, "Rejoice. Rejoice in the various trials and troubles of life. Rejoice that there is One greater than you who is above all circumstances. Rejoice that the Lord cares for you and will hold you up in the small dents life dishes out as well as the big crashes." So I found my faith, small as it was, joined with the Word of God and His Holy Spirit completely able to overcome my pesty troubles. So I rejoice and again I say rejoice! Oh how wonderful it is to be a follower of the One True God.


Margo Carmichael said...

Amazing that He expects that of us. Until you realize He wouldn't expect it if it weren't possible in Him. More than possible.

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Good word Margo : )

Jackie Castle said...

Great post Patty. Funk times are opportunities to draw us to our knees. Think God uses them to bring us closer to him. Like a child who doesn't feel good, we are invited to crawl up in His lap for comfort time until we are ready to go on with our day. =-)

Liz Babbs said...

What is a funk?
from your UK friend!

Patti Lacy said...

Another Patty! Cool! But have you been told you spell your name wrong?!XXX

Thanks for the manna!
Would love to have you visit my blog sometime!


Patti Lacy said...

Funk means like down in the doldrums, in a yucky fog.

When the world caves in.