A New Series is Born~Mail Order Brides of Windchime, Texas.

A new series is born.

Yep, Nettie Wellesley. She's a spinster in
Minnesota. 40 years old and tired of having no one or thing of her own.

She worked hard on her parents farm and took care of them until they died.

The farm went to her brothers who sold everything because they had their own farms. She was to go to her brother's farms and work and help out.

Instead, she found an ad from a sheriff who is being put out to pasture by the town. He's lonely and wants a wife.

So Nettie is on her way to Windchime, Texas.

I think it's going to be fun. Sheriff Reed Andrews has a way of helping misfits become good citizens. Nettie will help the former misfits find wives.


Cindy Jones said...

I have one word. When?????

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Hopefully, the end of this month or beginning of July.

Cindy Jones said...