Look Who's FREE June 20-24

Contemporary Christian Romance

FREE from June 20 -24 

Enjoy this story of overcoming fear with hope, faith, love, and a little humor.

Jenna Lairdon, a widow with two, young children and a snippy mother-in-law, steps out of the fog of depression and realizes she needs a loan to save the family sheep ranch. She has an appointment with the banker, an old flame who is still interested in her. Before she can get to the bank, skydiver, Clay Carter, drops out of the sky and into her life.
The stranger ignites places in her heart she thought she’d buried with her husband. Torn between the security the banker offers and the fire in her heart for Clay, Jenna tries to seek God, but her faith is as depleted as her bank account.
Thrill-seeking Clay drifts into the family he’s always wanted. He tries to help at the ranch but only makes a mess of things. Worse, his father expects him back at the law firm in New York City. If he chooses Jenna, he loses everything.
Will Clay turn his back on his father’s wealth for the woman and family he’s come to love? Or will he continue a life hidden behind the hardened walls of his heart?

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