The Dream is coming alive!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have it on good authority it is not a train! Have had to really tighten and change up this book. She was the first book I finished. Enough said. As a writer, I am still growing. Learning. Changing the way I write.

Today - I decided I really do need an outline of some sort to keep me on track. Hopefully this will help me get new books out sooner. After Golden Dreams, I have another western ready for editing. Bounty. 
and then I have a Contemporary Romance - Down to Earth that is ready for editing.

After Golden Dreams is finished, completed, polished and sent to Amazon, I will work on Bounty and a new idea I have for a series of novellas. We the People - a dystopian view of what might happen in the future of our country.  I really hope these books are fiction. : )

Well, back to the keyboard.

Thanks for following and have a blessed day.

FIRST 2 Paragraphs of Golden Dreams
Golden Dreams    

Missouri-Kansas Border
Town of Second Chance
April 1866 

Katy Gilbreth hugged her arms tight across her chest to stop the shakes. The tremors that dug deep inside her. The anxious fear she’d miss the wagons headed west. She shot a gaze heavenward. “Why must you ruin my life?”
No answer. There never was. So she waited for what promised to be a beautiful sunset. The only thing she liked about Second Chance. Well, that and Zeke Dawson. He’d rescued her from The Midnight Saloon. Why, she’d yet to understand. He certainly wasn’t like the men she’d dealt with in the past. In the months she’d been with him, he’d treated her like a daughter, cared for her, and asked for nothing in return. 


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WOW! Cool! Both you and Jen Uhlarik have inspired me greatly this weekend with your go-getter attitude. I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Julie, And BK.