I woke up this morning with the revelation that Liberty Belle is being published Independently and not self-pubbed. And how ironic that I am breaking out of the controlled world of traditional publishing into the wide open field of Indie Publishing, and Liberty Belle is about a woman seeking her own independence from a controlling mother.

Some things you just can't make up. LOL

I am not against traditional publishers or agents. The publishing industry is in transition. But right now, I see this tremendous opportunity, for authors, and I am taking it. 

Yes, that entrepreneurial spirit lives strong in me. I've never been accused of conforming to the norm. Tradition has never excited me.

But I love to think of the explorers who sailed across the ocean, not sure of what they'd find, but sure that they had to go. The pioneers who looked west and saw a land of opportunity. Yes, and again I say, yes. That same thirst for the adventure of the unknown flows in my blood. 

In the book, Liberty Belle, the main character, Liberty Longstreet, seeks her independence and  finds it is not as easy as it looks. Freedom is not free. I know this. But I am willing to take the risk, learn on my feet, and go after the wide open spaces of Indie Publishing.

You betcha, I'm excited.

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Lee Carver said...

Would that all indie publishers were as good a writer as you. So many books are rife with errors. Liberty Belle has everything a good novel needs, including accuracy. Best wishes on your endeavor.