And the Edit Goes On ...


I love to edit, I love to edit, I love to edit.
I love to edit!

Oh what fun!  Don't ask me how I learned this, but if you change a number on your chapters at the start of the book - AND you have your book in chapter files - (chapter 1 is a file, 2 is a file ...) DO NOT renumber from the beginning. Start at the back to keep sane.

Otherwise you will find yourself with 2 chapter 13s, 14s .... and double the trouble.


AND yes, Liberty Belle is on schedule to go out in MAY 2012.

Updates coming as soon as I finish this edit.

Good news - boy have I learned a lot! And learned I have a lot more to learn. Which makes me very happy since I am confident, I will not be bored anytime soon.

Picked up my Polishing the "Pugs" book by Kathy Ide.  Why oh why did I not pay attention in English? I fear my restrictive clauses are scratching my predicates.


Oh well, where is that red pen?

Try Auto Crit


Cheryl St.John said...

Interesting. We don't do separate chapter files at Harlequin anymore. The eds prefer the whole manuscript in one file. Took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it. So easy to scroll back and find what you need.


Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

LOL Well, I can tell you why they don't do separate chapter files. Learning by trial and error may not be the quickest way to learn - but boy do you get the lesson down.

Marji Laine said...

I'm so excited! May has just crept up on me! Woohoo! So cool!