The Publishing Road

Just where am I on this road to publishing?

I do have 4 books finished. At least they have 'The End' attached to the last page.
Of course they all need their final editS and that is edit with a capital S.
I want them to be the best that I can make them.

The first book jumping out of the computer and into publish land, is Liberty Belle.
As you can see, I have the front cover finished thanks to  Delia Latham. She was a pleasure to work with.

But what do I have to do now? This very day?

So, beside working on my blog, I am going to have a quiet Saturday afternoon with Liberty Longstreet, Aunt Flora, and of course Sheriff Wade Calder. I'll let them tell me a thing or two that will enhance and tighten their story.

Till next week.

Things I will need to do before I publish Liberty Belle:

  • of course finish the edit
  • line up endorsements
  • reviews
  • blog interviews
  • formatting for E-pub
  • finish back cover of book
  • Pray
  • Pray a lot

God is Good

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BK said...

Congrats! BTW--I like the blog redesign.