I got an IPhone!

I am finally joining the 21st century. After years of the old Star-Trek style flip phone, I now have a sleek mini computer -phone. Amazing technology. Still trying to learn what the thing can do. Finally figured out how to call and send texts.

I love it! Well, not really love, but I like it a lot. : )

I am so blessed to live in this age of technology. Now I need the discipline on how to live with it. So many blogs, so many sites to search, so many games to play. Lord teach me to use the wonders you've given me and let them be tools and not distractions from the things I am to accomplish.

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BK said...

I am so far behind with technology. I still have my 5-6 year old cheap featureless cell phone that I hardly use. And hey, I'm excited because I finally got a laptop! LOL!

But new gadgets are definitely lots of fun. You'll be an IPhone whiz in no time!