Go Forth

Okay, it's His Word Tuesday and I have to confess - I didn't seek Him until tonight. Not exactly my plan. But I am determined to seek the Lord and do His will. I do get tired. Wimpy, I know. so I asked Him what to do.

He asked me who told me I didn't have energy. Then said Why do you ask that which you can feel and see instead of My Word?The Joy of the Lord is your strength. He that waits on the Lord will mount up as of wings of eagles. Though he run, he will not grow weary. though he walk will not faint. The Word of the Lord is truth.

He went on to tell me that boredom is the biggest thief of time and energy. Boredom comes from an unfocused life filled with seeming entertainment--not living but the facade of living and having a good time.

Do My will and you will have joy and strength.

GO Forth not questioning if you can, but rejoicing in the fact that you are.

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Michelle Bentham said...

Hey Patty,

I had not been to your blogspot before. I am busy at mine this week, I was off the net for nearly two weeks and had to catch up!

I write a blog post each week on Wednesday which is a devotion/in-depth look at one of the Hebrew names of God. I have gotten to where I don't do a lot of reading up and studying before I write-instead I do a lot of talking to God. I pray in the days leading up to my post, and then approach it fresh without a lot of pre-work done. It takes a little longer for me to work through the research in the writing. I have found the fresh work and the invitation to the Holy Spirit has been much more beneficial to me in my work there.

I used to feel guilty if I was not well read and well versed on the subject I was going to teach, but the more I depend on the Holy Spirit for revelation the better God is at showing me the truth. Perhaps that is because I have to lay me down to get it! Onward! Be blessed.